USA Weightlifting and TrainHeroic partner to identify next generation of weightlifting talent


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This week, USAW named TrainHeroic as their official program design and delivery software. The partnership will provide USAW coaches and athletes with best-in-class program design, delivery and analysis tools. The relationship also presents an exciting opportunity to identify the USA's next generation of podium-winning talent in the sport of weightlifting. 

The joint teams plan to analyze TrainHeroic’s data to identify new talent in late-stage adopters of the sport of weightlifting. With over 250,000 top-tier athletes using the TrainHeroic platform, the team seeks to identify those showing promise while competing in another sport. Once identified, these up-and-coming athletes will receive an invitation to work with USA Weightlifting coaches, and compete for potential spots on Team USA.

The United States has produced three Olympic weightlifting medalists since the 2000 games in Sydney Australia. Its last male podium medalist came during the '84 games. USA Weightlifting and TrainHeroic believe their new partnership supports the effort to reverse this trend. The partnership project represents the first time in the sport’s US history that data analysis of this scale will be used to identify possible Olympic athletes.

“USA Weightlifting has taken great strides in recent months to improve our athlete’s chances of standing on the Olympic podium,” said USA Weightlifting CEO, Phil Andrews. “We view our new partnership with TrainHeroic as another step in that direction, and are encouraged by the opportunity to identify new athletes that it will afford us.”

Also central to the partnership is a collaborative initiative to improve the training athletes receive at all levels of competition. Through the TrainHeroic platform over 11,000 certified USA Weightlifting coaches will have access to top expert instruction provided by Mike Gattone, USA Weightlifting Senior Director of Sport Performance and Coaching Education.

“TrainHeroic will allow our coaches and athletes at every level to have access to proven training programs, or a platform to create their own.” Gattone said. “We look forward to using it as a platform for our coaches to share knowledge resulting in improved performance on an international scale.”

TrainHeroic is now the primary program design, delivery, and assessment tool for USA Weightlifting coaches and athletes. Athletes need expert instruction, structured training programs, and immediate feedback to be successful. Both organizations believe the TrainHeroic coaching platform is a key asset in providing this to USA Weightlifting coaches and athletes vying to stand on the podium.

Ben Crookston, CEO of TrainHeroic said, "As fans and participants in the sport of weightlifting, we’re honored to support USA Weightlifting’s mission to compete on an international stage. This partnership is about restoring a sense of possibility in our country. Together, we’re democratizing high performance.  We’re taking that which was once accessible only to those in the ivory towers and bringing it down to the masses. It’s exciting stuff."

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