Parents: Stop Coaching From The Sidelines (You're Actually Making Things Worse!)


Kevin Eastman, former Vice President of Basketball Operations for the LA Clippers, has been a coach since 1978, and according to our Google Analytics readership data, that's longer than the majority of you have been alive!

Suffice it to say, this dude has experience at multiple levels. After a coaching career that included one NBA Championship (2008 NBA Championship; Kevin was an assistant with the Boston Celtics), Kevin moved into an executive role where he eventually retired in June of 2016.

In the video below, Kevin shares some insight into a common problem coaches face - parents coaching from the sidelines.

From the video:

"People would always ask me, 'Why don't you ever saying anything during (your son's) games?' And the answer is simple. Because I'm a parent. Not a coach. I'll clap for Jake, and very seldom will say 'Good shot', because for that time period, I'm the dad, not a coach. His coach is his coach. And anytime he would bring issues/problems back home to me, I would always say, 'What does coach say?'"

Coaches - you know that communcation doesn't end after practice. Our team feed is a great way to stay connected outside of the weightroom and practice in order to keep the focus on you - the coach.

Check out the full video here:


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