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About The Author

Chris Tutela is a strength and conditioning coach in Clark, New Jersey. He is the owner and operator of Tutela Training Systems, where he trains mainly athletes and some regular people. He has multiple years experience as a strength coach at the high school level as well a professionally in the private sector.


Recent Posts

Use This 4-Phase Summer Football Program To Peak For Game Day

By Chris Tutela | Fri, Jul 7

Ah it’s finally here! The college guys are home, all of the high school guys are finishing up school, and our summer strength and conditioning program is underway!

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The 4 Pillars of High School Basketball Strength and Conditioning

By Chris Tutela | Fri, Sep 30

You see a lot of basketball training “experts” out there with their athletes doing all types of fancy stuff. A lot of hopping around, balancing on one leg, juggling poodles in the middle of a busy intersection… you get the picture.

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4 Back Training Mistakes Your Athletes Are (Probably) Making

By Chris Tutela | Fri, Aug 12

We all know the best movements for building strength, size and power: pressing, deadlifting, and squatting. All are great exercises and should be a staple in every program but without balancing things out with additional pulling exercises, you are setting your athletes up for poor performance and potential shoulder injuries down the road.

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