TrainHeroic CEO Ben Crookston on the Strength and Performance Podcast


Ben Crookston, co-founder and CEO of Train Heroic recently hopped on the Strength & Performance podcast.

Ben had a lot of great stuff to share, including what his life entailed while launching this company, the importance of deliberate practice and a proven framework for acquiring new skills.

Check out Ben's interview here:

Show Notes:004 - social media

  • Ben's first business venture (buying domain names of soon to be famous athletes in hopes of selling it back to them once they became famous)
  • The grind of launching a new company while working full time
  • The importance of deliberate practice
  • A proven framework for acquiring new skills
  • How to set goals that you'll actually achieve
  • What the future of Strength & Conditioning entails

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Check out Ben's interview here:

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Colby Knepp is the man behind the Marketing at TrainHeroic. He's also a husband, father, strength coach, former rugby athlete and life-long learner. Colby is a big fan of a Moscow mules, ass-to-grass squats and Korean BBQ.