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Tech and the Fundamentals

By Adam Dawdy | Mon, Jul 23

On July 14th, TrainHeroic took part in the PLAE xLab at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. PLAE’s events are based on different themes. This one was focused on technology. Speakers from UCLA, Clemson, Rutgers, and the University of Oregon talked about their experiences with various pieces of tech - from force profiling to GPS.

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How to Weaponize Your Coaching with Athlete Readiness Surveys

By Carl Valle | Mon, Feb 26

Today, the average strength coach has more responsibilities than they did in the past. They are expected to monitor an entire program, not just the weights and conditioning. Communication with athletes is a key part of success, as we all know, but doing it in an effective manner is a challenge.

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PowerHouse Episode 5: Battling The B.S. with Power Athlete HQ

By Ben Crookston | Thu, Feb 23

Nestled in a warehouse district of Costa Mesa, California is Power Athlete HQ, a training laboratory that has concocted a potent recipe for performance out of time-proven ingredients. Their blueprint for developing athleticism is equal parts art and science. The philosophy blends creator John Welbourn's 10-years of NFL experience, Berkeley rhetoric studies, and empirical research on over ten-thousand athletes across the globe.

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PR & Chill: Strongman and Stress Management w/ Logan Gelbrich

Max effort day; for most athletes, it's a chance to howl at moon, crank up the tunes and test their physical limits (safely, of course). But far too often an athlete can place too big of an emphasis on beating previous maxes and actually end up under performing due to self induced stress.

In order to keep your athletes focused and squeeze out every last ounce of potential, it's your job as the coach to help them keep things in perspective.

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How Strength Coach Brett Bartholomew Keeps A 10-Year NFL Vet Ready For Game Day


GAME DAY! For us mere mortals, game day is a relaxing 24 hours filled with friends, laughter, buffalo wings, and hopefully a victory.

But for NFL athletes, game day represents the most important day of the week. An explosive, drama-filled couple of hours where they put their talents on display in hopes their team pulls out a victory (and they get to keep their jobs).

Much like our job performance depends on a few clearly defined metrics, a professional athlete is judged by how they perform on game day. Live up to the standard set by the coaches and they'll be coming back next week. Make a bone headed mistake and they may be looking for a new job on Monday morning.

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Whatever You Do, Don't Call Him a Celebrity Trainer - Meet One of Hollywood's Top Strength Coaches [PowerHouse Ep 2]

Gunnar Peterson, a Beverly Hills based strength coach, is best known for his massive level of success as both a trainer and as an entrepreneur. His book of business includes celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday people.

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Master The Muscle Up With These Skills & Drills [Beyond Strength Ep. 1 w/ Dusty Hyland]

Ah, the Muscle Up - the ever elusive holy grail of CrossFit movements. Nailing your first muscle up is kind of like punching your ticket into the big kid club at your local box.

You watch in awe as some athletes are able to string together big, unbroken sets of this highly technical yet simple gymnastics movement.

"It looks so easy!" you tell yourself, so you hop on the rings, take one or two big kips loading up your momentum like a shotgun, only to be stopped cold when trying to transition into the bottom of the dip.

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