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4 Scientifically Proven Ways To Develop Explosive Power (And How To Program Each)

By Joel Smith | Mon, Apr 24

Building athletic power is one of the most desired, if not the most desired, quality in athletic performance today. The question is...how do we optimally train it? 

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3 Scientifically-Proven Methods to Build Raw Strength

By Rob Van Valkenburgh | Wed, Apr 12

Fact: “The strong are generally more useful and harder to kill.” – Mark Rippetoe

You see, strength is sexy. Raw, eye-popping strength is something everybody wants, but very few can achieve. Those who are able to achieve it unlock a whole new world both inside and outside of the gym.

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Here's What New Research Tells Us About Minimizing Hamstring Strains

By Chris Beardsley | Tue, Feb 21

Hamstring strains are one of the most common injuries in team sports, and they lead to substantial amounts of lost playing and training time. They are also very prone to recurrence. Once an athlete has suffered one hamstring strain, they are much more likely to be injured again.

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Rest and Recovery 101: Sleeping Your Way To Better Gains

By Herman Demmink III | Thu, Feb 9

Recovery is simply defined as regaining a former or better state / condition. Most athletes fail to realize that running, lifting, hitting, and throwing all breaks down our tissue which requires a period of rest in order to recuperate. Of course it takes grueling workouts and countless hours of skill training to become a better-prepared athlete. However, it is what you do between training bouts that can make the real difference.

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