12 Reasons Why Your Weight Room Training Isn't Transferring To The Field

By Michael Barnes | Mon, May 15

One of the fundamental tenants of training is the concept: “transfer of training.” That means to what degree (if any) is training transferring to improvements in competition. Though there are a multitude of reasons why training may or may not be transferring to the field, below I have outlined 12 common reasons.

Before we get started on those specific reasons, sport science researchers Siff and Verkhoshansky describe in detail the "principle of dynamic correspondence" in their book Supertraining. This principle is central to the issue of transferring strength training to continued improvement in sporting performance.

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4 Scientifically Proven Ways To Develop Explosive Power (And How To Program Each)

By Joel Smith | Mon, Apr 24

Building athletic power is one of the most desired, if not the most desired, quality in athletic performance today. The question do we optimally train it? 

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Coming Full Circle: Results Over Everything

By Zach Even-Esh | Fri, Apr 14

When I began training athletes from my parents' garage, their backyard, and the local playgrounds, describing the “methods” I implemented as “raw” would be an understatement. It was free weights, stones, bodyweight, hill sprints, jumps, tree logs…

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Are Your Athletes Ready for a College Strength and Conditioning Program?

By Tobias Jacobi | Wed, Mar 29

I have the unique perspective of coaching at a collegiate level (15 years) and high school level (3 years). With this experience, I have worked with many young men who played or want to play at the collegiate level. One of the things that excited me about making the transition to the high school level was the ability to positively affect young men before they got to college.

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6 Ways to Train The Multisport Athlete for In-Season Domination

By Rob Van Valkenburgh | Fri, Mar 3

Winter sports are starting to wrap up, and a large majority of your student athletes are ramping up to begin their spring sport seasons.  

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5 Offseason Training Mistakes That Are Keeping Your High School Athletes Slow, Small, and Weak

By Andy Baker | Mon, Dec 12

As a strength coach in private practice I’ve had the unfortunate experience of looking at some of the “offseason” training plans that many of my student athletes have brought home with them over the summer. With the supposed goal of building strength and muscle mass in the offseason, most of these plans accomplish neither one with much success. 

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How To Maintain Strength and Power During The Competitive Season [Sample Program]

By Michael Barnes | Fri, Oct 28

Sports that rely on change of direction, jumping, starting ability and sprinting are dependent on strength and power capabilities.  All things held consistent like bodyweight, skill and height, athletes who possess the greater amount of strength and power have a competitive advantage and are more than likely going to be successful.  

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Dominate Your In-Season Training With This Sample Template for High School Football Teams

By Ryan Williams | Tue, Oct 25

Football season is officially upon us and if you're a football coach there’s really only one night that matters to you: Friday.

Here's how to maximize your training leading up to Kick Off.

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7 Common Off-Season Rugby Training Mistakes

By Jamie Bain | Mon, Oct 24

The off season is a crucial training period in a rugby player’s calendar: do it correctly and you'll be fitter, faster and more powerful than the competition. Do it incorrectly and you could find yourself in a world of hurt come the first few weeks of the season.

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Parents: Stop Coaching From The Sidelines (You're Actually Making Things Worse!)

Kevin Eastman, former Vice President of Basketball Operations for the LA Clippers, has been a coach since 1978, and according to our Google Analytics readership data, that's longer than the majority of you have been alive!

Suffice it to say, this dude has experience at multiple levels. After a coaching career that included one NBA Championship (2008 NBA Championship; Kevin was an assistant with the Boston Celtics), Kevin moved into an executive role where he eventually retired in June of 2016.

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