How Important Is The Aerobic System for Football Players?

By John Welbourn | Fri, Sep 16

Every muscle contraction in the body is the result of a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). When the ATP is combined with water it splits apart and produces energy.  ATP is broken down during a muscle contraction into adenosine diphosphate (ADP). However, ATP must be replenished for work to continue so another chemical reaction adds phosphate back to ADP to make ATP.

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Be Ready For Game Day With This In-Season Training Tip

By Chris Costa | Mon, Sep 12

One question most athletes want an answer for is, “how should I train during my season?” While this article will be broad and general in scope there are some specifics that you should focus your attention toward when it comes to in-season training.

The last article I wrote provided an opportunity for you to learn something about regeneration. To take it a step further, your in-season training should have that exact focus: recovery / regeneration.

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Post Game Recovery: How To Get Back To 100% After a Tough Competition

By Chris Costa | Wed, Aug 31

Game Day! The best day of the week for athletes around the world. You're excited, anxious and ready to hit the field and put it all on the line for your team.

Regardless of the sport, the body and mind are taxed when put under the stressors of competition and game day.

You might be a triathlete, football player or golfer - when it comes to recovery, our bodies operate the same: the body needs rest or a return to homeostasis, fuel (food) and hydration, namely electrolyte replacement.

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Athlete Readiness 101: How To Monitor The Central Nervous System

By John Welbourn | Mon, Aug 29

Regardless of the sport an athlete is training for, the possibility of training beyond their means via under-recovering or increased volume and intensity is almost guaranteed.

With this in mind many coaches and athletes are looking for ways to measure their daily training capacity so they can make adjustments to programs to optimize performance. The goal is always to maximize the return on investment and work smarter not just harder.

But this is easier said then done. How can a coach or athlete distinguish between emotion and physical readiness?

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Nutritional Periodization For CrossFit Athletes

By Colby Knepp | Wed, Aug 3

Jason Phillips was a recent guest on the Strength and Performance Podcast (listen here) in which we covered the topic of nutritional periodization. While we didn't go to in-depth on that topic, I did get quite a few follow up questions from our coaches that warranted a video from Jason to explain the topic further.

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

By John Welbourn | Fri, Apr 22

Editors Note: This post originally appeared at Power Athlete HQ. We've republished this article with their permission.

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The Heroic Guide to CrossFit Open Workout 16.5

By Peter Haas | Fri, Mar 25

Image Credit: CrossFit Games Instagram

The CrossFit Games Open Workout 16.5 is a brutal couplet of thrusters and burpees.

This workout is designed to make you suffer. Resign yourself to a simple fact: this is going to hurt.

Once you understand that, you can make smart decisions on your pacing and execution.

This article will tell you how to do your best. It’s up to you to embrace the suck.

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Recovery Strategies for CrossFit Open 16.4

By Justin Dudley | Fri, Mar 18

Earlier today we shared the Heroic Guide to 16.4. Now that you've hammered yourself right by giving that workout 100%, it's time to kick start the recovery process.

Tightness in the low back, shoulders, quads and a “jammed up” neck are common complaints we are having from our athletes, so we're going to focus our recovery session around those areas.

Take out your lacrosse ball and a barbell and let's get to loosening up those stuff joints so you can give 16.4 another go.

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