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Non-Traditional Programming Factors: How To Build Strength Through Adversity

There's so much more to being a strength and conditioning coach than improving the traditional factors like strength, power, speed, and conditioning. Have you taken into consideration the non-traditional factors like developing character, work ethic, and grit?

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6 Injury Prevention Exercises for High School Strength Coaches

By Rob Van Valkenburgh | Mon, Feb 6

High school athletes are injured at an alarming rate, and if you dig into the statistics you realize the majority of these injuries are in three common areas:

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Program Design Principles For High School Athletes: How to Develop Explosive Speed & Agility [Video]

There's about a thousand and one ways you can plan your speed and agility training: ladders, cones, grids, build up sprints, plyometrics, etc. But how can you be sure that all the time you're investing in off-season speed and agility training is actually paying off?

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Off-Season Training for High School Football: Developing Explosive Speed and Power

By Rob Van Valkenburgh | Mon, Jan 30

This three part series addresses the specific goals of each phase and how an effective high school level coach should program in order to provide their athletes with a comprehensive and effective off-season regimen.

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The Power Programmer: 7 Ways To Save Time When Planning Your Training

By Chelsey Meeker | Wed, Oct 12

Time moves quite fast, doesn’t it!? In fact it moves at 60 minutes per hour and as a coach it probably seems like there simply isn't enough to get everything done in a day: managing work schedules, practice plans, athlete's individual needs, programming workouts, cleaning the gym, personal stuff, and the list could go to the bottom of this page but you get the point.

Every minute counts.

In this article I’ll point out 7 things that will save you time and help you more efficiently deliver your program to your athletes.

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