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Use This Linear Speed Teaching Progression For Game Breaking Acceleration

By Dave Reynolds | Mon, Nov 6

You know that speed kills. And as strength and conditioning professionals, we're always racking our brains trying to get our athletes faster. Here's a four step teaching progression that works wonders for new athletes.

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6 Snatch Variations to Improve Technique, Strength, and Stability

By Mike Dewar | Mon, Oct 16

When looking at faulty overhead stability and strength in the snatch and/or overhead squat, we typically see a wide array of issues. Sometimes it may be due to mobility (the immediate reference of everyone). But it can often be from lack of barbell awareness and placement, overhead strength, timing, and/or lack of general preparation and experience.

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4 Periodization Principles To Use In Your Training Programs

By Karsten Jensen | Wed, Aug 9

Periodization should be a staple in your program design philosophy.

Regardless of the age or ability level of the athlete or client you are training, there are biological laws that dictate how much adaptation you can squeeze out of any given training cycle. 

Periodization works in tandem with these laws. Here's how to do it.

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How To Program Olympic Lifts For Field Athletes

By Michael Barnes | Wed, Jun 7

The snatch and the clean and jerk are the two lifts used in Olympic lifting competition. They are a test of skill, power, strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

These movements, when incorporated appropriately, can have a high degree of impact on an athlete’s strength and power capabilities. They are preferred exercises to include in many programs for the field athlete.  

In this article, I want to review the fundamental variables and related issues when it comes to programming the Olympic lifts for the field athlete.  

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Using Periodization As A Strategy For Writing Better Programs

By Karsten Jensen | Tue, Apr 25

Think of the word periodization. What is your immediate association?

For many of the coaches and trainers I have spoken to over the last 7 years since I released the  Read More >

How To Perform A Needs Analysis Before Writing Your Next Program

By Dr. Chris Holder | Mon, Apr 10

It’s the end of the season and time to go back to the drawing board. Regardless of wins and losses, every good strength coach knows there are adjustments to be made to the programming so off-season meets the needs of his or her team.

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Programming Pitfalls Roundtable: 4 Strength Coaches Share Their Opinion

We connected with leading strength coaches from the collegiate, high school, and private sectors to learn some of the common program design mistakes they've made or are seeing on a regular basis. Take some time to learn (and avoid!) these common programming pitfalls.

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Still Using Excel Templates? Here's 6 Reasons to Use Strength and Conditioning Software

At Power Athlete, there’s a term we do not take very lightly - Limiting Factor: an inability or minimally effective component limiting performance and the development of athleticism.

As opposed to labeling weaknesses, the term ‘limiting’ provides coaches the opportunity to identify, measure, and improve. More importantly, this approach directs the coach to take an honest, complete look at their athlete, an honesty they’ll inevitably face in competition.

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3 Program Design Principles For The Multi-Sport Athlete

By Herman Demmink III | Fri, Mar 10

How do you train and prepare an athlete who doesn’t have a designated off-season? The multi-sport athlete is constantly changing from one sport to another. And odds are the metabolic demands are completely different in each season.

As a general rule - unless you have the genetics of Bo Jackson, Deon Sanders, or some other superstar - the number of multisport athletes significantly decreases from high school to college and professional levels. The typical multi-sport athlete will benefit most from a program that focuses primarily on fundamentals.

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6 Ways to Train The Multisport Athlete for In-Season Domination

By Rob Van Valkenburgh | Fri, Mar 3

Winter sports are starting to wrap up, and a large majority of your student athletes are ramping up to begin their spring sport seasons.  

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