7 Tips For Writing Better Strength Programs

By Ryan Leibreich | Fri, Jun 2

Paralysis by analysis is the root of all confusion. What exercises should I use: templates, models, block training, conjugate method, should I add in olympic weightlifting?

It happens to the best of us. We want things to be perfect and agonize over every detail. Then, before we know it, 3 hours have passed and we are more confused and somehow magically have less done than we started with.

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Let Science and Research Drive Your Programming


There's something important about training that coaches and athletes would do well to remember: in a world ripe with quick fixes, scientific principles still reign supreme.

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Use This Athletic Development Framework to Optimize On-Field Performance [Video]

Whenever a brand new athlete walks into your weight room, it's important to answer one simple question: "What are they training for?"

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Using Periodization As A Strategy For Writing Better Programs

By Karsten Jensen | Tue, Apr 25

Think of the word periodization. What is your immediate association?

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How To Plan Speed Training Around Your Competitive Season

By Michael Barnes | Fri, Apr 7

Without question - speed, agility, and change of direction capabilities are three characteristics all ground-based athletes need in order to compete at higher levels.

The examples are endless: athletes who are faster and more agile are higher performers than those with lesser capabilities. The athletes who are proficient more quickly score the points, make spectacular plays, tackle the breakaway ball carrier, and are often the team leaders.  

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3 Tips For Writing Better Strength Programs

By Scott Caulfield, CSCS | Wed, Apr 5

Over the course of my 20+ years of “under the bar” coaching and training career, I have made plenty of mistakes creating training programs. The amount of information available to S&C coaches today is easier to access than ever before; however, that doesn’t mean that it’s all good information. 

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