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Karsten Jensen: Flexible Periodization for Athletic Performance [Podcast]

Have you ever wanted to learn the principles behind effective periodization?

Imagine if you could, with a few simple keystrokes on your laptop, create the ultimate program for your athletes regardless of their goals or current ability level.

The truth is, that with all the resources available to you today, periodization can be an overwhelming subject to learn.

How many sets and reps for hypertrophy? What about pure strength? How do I work in speed development? When does agility come into play? How do things change if my athletes are in-season?

You do not need to read the Russian literature on periodization in order to understand and reap the benefits of proper program design.

In fact, once you understand a couple key principles, you'll be on the fast track to writing world class training programs, and that's exactly what we're talking about today.

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How to Build Your Online Strength and Conditioning Brand and Impact Thousands By Doing What You Love [Podcast]

By TrainHeroic | Mon, Apr 25

Have you ever wanted to build an online strength and conditioning brand?

The truth is it’s a lot harder than most people think and if we’re being honest, we see other successful online coaches and tell ourselves, “I can totally do that. I’ll have a profitable online training business in under 3 months!”

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A Trip To Squat University w/ Aaron Horschig [Podcast]

By TrainHeroic | Thu, Apr 21

Aaron is the founder of SquatUniversity.com and is a physical therapist at Boost Physical Therapy & Sport Performance in Kansas City Missouri.

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