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Why High School Athletes May Not Need To Learn The Olympic Lifts (And What To Do Instead)

By Andrew Wary | Mon, Jul 18

Due to the unique challenges that exist within the High School weightroom Olympic lifting is frequently not the best option for athletic development. Instead, the basics and tools such as the dynamic effort method should be used as a more effective and efficient choice.

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How To Get Stronger for Weightlifting, CrossFit or Powerlifting w/ Max Aita [Podcast]

Today we're talking strength with a man who boasts a 738# squat at a bodyweight of 220#.

Max Aita has spent the better part of 20 years in the sports of Weightlifting and Powerlifting. He draws his training methodology and knowledge from the many great coaches whom he has personally worked with including; Steve Gough (USA), Ivan Abadjiev (BUL), Boris Sheiko (RUS).

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The Great Max Out Debate: What Olympic Weightlifting Coaches Should Know About Testing Their Athletes Top End

By Misbah Haque | Wed, Jun 29

The elusive one rep max - as a weightlifter, setting a new personal record is a lot like chasing a pot of gold strapped to a unicorn that shows up at the strangest times. You never know when you're going to get it, but it's totally Instagram worthy when it happens.

What follows is an interview with Jon Zajac in which he covers everything you need to know about testing your athletes top end, the ever illusive one rep max.

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Karsten Jensen: Flexible Periodization for Athletic Performance [Podcast]

Have you ever wanted to learn the principles behind effective periodization?

Imagine if you could, with a few simple keystrokes on your laptop, create the ultimate program for your athletes regardless of their goals or current ability level.

The truth is, that with all the resources available to you today, periodization can be an overwhelming subject to learn.

How many sets and reps for hypertrophy? What about pure strength? How do I work in speed development? When does agility come into play? How do things change if my athletes are in-season?

You do not need to read the Russian literature on periodization in order to understand and reap the benefits of proper program design.

In fact, once you understand a couple key principles, you'll be on the fast track to writing world class training programs, and that's exactly what we're talking about today.

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11 Ways To Develop Explosive Speed and Power Without The Olympic Lifts

By Jamie Bain | Wed, Apr 27

At Rugby Renegade we love the Olympic lifts.

The Snatch and Clean & Jerk are great tools to develop power and explosive strength. They teach you to lift heavy loads explosively because, heck if you didn’t, you would miss the lift!

But the Olympic lifts aren’t for everyone and they do have limitations.

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A Trip To Squat University w/ Aaron Horschig [Podcast]

By TrainHeroic | Thu, Apr 21

Aaron is the founder of SquatUniversity.com and is a physical therapist at Boost Physical Therapy & Sport Performance in Kansas City Missouri.

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Olympic Lifting For Athletes: Do You Really Need It?

By Joel Smith | Mon, Jan 4

The Olympic lifts are a holy grail of many sports performance training centers.

Coaches really get fired up about all the “triple extension” going on in the pull, and the “force absorption” that’s happening during the catch.You gotta do those cleans to build posterior chain power after all, right?

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Best Strength and Conditioning Articles From Around The Web - January 3, 2016

Every Sunday morning TrainHeroic publishes a list of the best Strength and Conditioning articles from around the web. Grab your coffee and dive in.

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