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Olympic Weightlifting Wisdom: Two Veteran Coaches Share Their Best Advice

By Phil White | Mon, Jan 22

As we're rolling into a new year, it can be tempting to jump on the latest training bandwagon and buy into the narrative that coaches need to keep their athletes engaged by constantly changing things up.

While there’s nothing wrong with some variety to keep things interesting and overcome plateaus, change for its own sake is directionless and most of the latest gimmicks are nothing more than flashes in the pan that will be out of fashion by this time in 2019, if not before.

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2% Make It To The NFL: Here's How They Do It

Imagine the hardest job interview you've ever faced. Do you remember the levels of stress and anxiety that came along with it?

Sending out your resume, preparing for the interview, putting on the best version of yourself, and fielding a variety of tough questions from the interviewers. At times it can feel as if they are digging into your character with the precision of a paleontologist unearthing a woolly mammoth.

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