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Olympic Weightlifting Wisdom: Two Veteran Coaches Share Their Best Advice

By Phil White | Mon, Jan 22

As we're rolling into a new year, it can be tempting to jump on the latest training bandwagon and buy into the narrative that coaches need to keep their athletes engaged by constantly changing things up.

While there’s nothing wrong with some variety to keep things interesting and overcome plateaus, change for its own sake is directionless and most of the latest gimmicks are nothing more than flashes in the pan that will be out of fashion by this time in 2019, if not before.

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2% Make It To The NFL: Here's How They Do It

Imagine the hardest job interview you've ever faced. Do you remember the levels of stress and anxiety that came along with it?

Sending out your resume, preparing for the interview, putting on the best version of yourself, and fielding a variety of tough questions from the interviewers. At times it can feel as if they are digging into your character with the precision of a paleontologist unearthing a woolly mammoth.

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6 Coaching Principles For Delivering Immediate Feedback

By Ben Crookston | Mon, Aug 1

Newton’s first law tells us, “an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”

In the world of performance, we can expect a similar phenomenon. That is, unless provided a reason to change course, we should expect athletes to maintain consistent patterns.

Artfully delivered Immediate Feedback is the necessary force that guides the desired trajectory of athletic performance.

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Program, Process and Psychology: How To Deliver a World Class Training Experience

By Ben Crookston | Mon, Jul 25

The most important thing we can do in life is decide how we spend our time.

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The Great Max Out Debate: What Olympic Weightlifting Coaches Should Know About Testing Their Athletes Top End

By Misbah Haque | Wed, Jun 29

The elusive one rep max - as a weightlifter, setting a new personal record is a lot like chasing a pot of gold strapped to a unicorn that shows up at the strangest times. You never know when you're going to get it, but it's totally Instagram worthy when it happens.

What follows is an interview with Jon Zajac in which he covers everything you need to know about testing your athletes top end, the ever illusive one rep max.

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How To Deliver Expert Instruction: 6 Ways To Empower Your Athletes Performance

By Ben Crookston | Mon, Jun 27

Instruction is the most basic coach-athlete interaction. It’s the transfer of knowledge from master to learner.

Knowledge is the building block of skill.

Skill is the bedrock of confidence.

Our mission as coaches is to help athletes Be their Best both as performers and people.

Delivering tight, impactful expert instruction is the second critical component in our coaching operating system.

And, while all coaches deliver some level of instruction centered around the day’s training activities, only the best coaches transfer knowledge in an efficient and impactful manner.

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Goal Setting for Coaches: 4 Powerful Principles That Deliver Results

By Ben Crookston | Wed, Jun 22

83% of the US Population does not set goals and of the 17% who actually set goals only 30% actually achieve them.

That works out to about 5 out of 100 people who actually achieve their goals.

When we think of “goal setting,” as humans, we have an overwhelming propensity to think of long term, way-off-on-the-horizon, bucket list type goals.

But here’s the deal. Those goals are nearly impossible to hit with consistency. They’re too far away. There are too many variables we haven’t considered and could never predict.

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10 Coaching Mistakes That Destroy The Coach-Athlete Relationship

By Misbah Haque | Fri, Jun 17

My biggest struggle when I first started coaching was adding personality to my classes. While I'd always been great with the technical aspect of things I learned very quickly that athletes are in the gym because they want to be engaged, entertained, and given a world class experience.

Information is available in abundance. But the connection you have with each athlete is irreplaceable.

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Upgrade Your Coaching with Deliberate Practice

By Ben Crookston | Wed, Jun 15

Once upon a time, as a Teacher in the Teach for America Corps, our Program Managers beat a certain phrase into our heads with the unrelenting consistency of a metronome blasted through an amplifier at a KISS concert.

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