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Inch By Inch: How One High School Football Team Turned Their Program Around in a Big Way

By Jay Crookston | Tue, Dec 13

In the 1999 hit film, “Any Given Sunday,” Al Pacino’s character gives a classic pre-game motivational talk about how success is achieved “inch by inch.”

“When we add up all those inches, we know that’s gonna make the [bleeping] difference between winning and losing.”

Extolling the virtues of personal sacrifice, determination, commitment, teamwork and extra effort, it’s a stirring speech, for sure. It makes for great theater, but as you reflect on the 2016 season and start thinking about the 2017 campaign, is this notion of “inch by inch” relevant to your athletes?

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How One High School Connected 400 Athletes Under 1 Strength Program

By Josh Sutchar | Mon, Aug 8

The sport coaches at Holmen High School (WI) are all in.

The coaching staff has bought into one strength and conditioning program for their athletes regardless of sport or season because Holmen’s athletes are just that, they’re athletes.

They’ve bought in to the fact that being powerful, strong, and explosive are relevant attributes for athletes in all sports, from football to swimming.

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How To Get Stronger for Weightlifting, CrossFit or Powerlifting w/ Max Aita [Podcast]

Today we're talking strength with a man who boasts a 738# squat at a bodyweight of 220#.

Max Aita has spent the better part of 20 years in the sports of Weightlifting and Powerlifting. He draws his training methodology and knowledge from the many great coaches whom he has personally worked with including; Steve Gough (USA), Ivan Abadjiev (BUL), Boris Sheiko (RUS).

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5 Ways to Improve Off-Season Engagement on Your Football Team

By Jay Crookston | Thu, Jun 16

Summer is offically here and chances are you've kicked off your summer conditioning program. The next eight weeks is the most grueling part of any off-season training program. 

You'll start this summer with a roster of returning athletes and an incoming batch of freshman. Things are looking pretty good on Day 1.

But what happens when the grind gets unbearable and your team starts to lose interest?

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How One School Overcame 6 Losing Seasons to Get Back To Their Winning Ways [Case Study]

By Jay Crookston | Thu, Mar 31

When an organization is failing, no matter if it's a Fortune 500 corporation, a local church or the evening shift at the local Applebee’s, a turnaround typically dictates a change at the top.

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