5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Coaching

By Ryan Leibreich | Fri, May 19

You can't rush growth. Lasting growth as a coaching is like using a slow cooker versus a deep fryer. It's slow and steady, kind of boring, but works everytime.

If you're committed enough to make it past your first few years as a coach, it's important to look back and reflect on what you've learned. If I could only go back in time and tell the younger version of my some of these tips, I'd like to think that I'd bypass years of development as a coach. 

So, for some of you brand new strength coaches out there, here are five things I wish I knew when I started coaching.

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Coming Full Circle: Results Over Everything

By Zach Even-Esh | Fri, Apr 14

When I began training athletes from my parents' garage, their backyard, and the local playgrounds, describing the “methods” I implemented as “raw” would be an understatement. It was free weights, stones, bodyweight, hill sprints, jumps, tree logs…

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How To Perform A Needs Analysis Before Writing Your Next Program

By Dr. Chris Holder | Mon, Apr 10

It’s the end of the season and time to go back to the drawing board. Regardless of wins and losses, every good strength coach knows there are adjustments to be made to the programming so off-season meets the needs of his or her team.

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Programming Pitfalls Roundtable: 4 Strength Coaches Share Their Opinion

We connected with leading strength coaches from the collegiate, high school, and private sectors to learn some of the common program design mistakes they've made or are seeing on a regular basis. Take some time to learn (and avoid!) these common programming pitfalls.

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Are Your Athletes Ready for a College Strength and Conditioning Program?

By Tobias Jacobi | Wed, Mar 29

I have the unique perspective of coaching at a collegiate level (15 years) and high school level (3 years). With this experience, I have worked with many young men who played or want to play at the collegiate level. One of the things that excited me about making the transition to the high school level was the ability to positively affect young men before they got to college.

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Still Using Excel Templates? Here's 6 Reasons to Use Strength and Conditioning Software

At Power Athlete, there’s a term we do not take very lightly - Limiting Factor: an inability or minimally effective component limiting performance and the development of athleticism.

As opposed to labeling weaknesses, the term ‘limiting’ provides coaches the opportunity to identify, measure, and improve. More importantly, this approach directs the coach to take an honest, complete look at their athlete, an honesty they’ll inevitably face in competition.

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5 Legit Reasons All Coaches Should Use Strength and Conditioning Software

Microsoft Excel: built for all, perfect for none. Excel has been the go to spreadsheet tool for accountants and financiers since it was first released back in the mid-1980s. Originally developed to help with number crunching and complex math formulas, a couple smart strength coaches figured out they could also use it to plan workouts fairly easily.

Excel has survived this long as the “go to” planning tool for strength coaches for one reason: it’s the way it's always been done.

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Have You Met Freddy Soft?

By Josh Sutchar | Mon, Mar 13

Coach Jack Harbaugh, father of head coach Jim Harbaugh, gathered our team two days into summer training camp.

Practice finally ended, the sun was hot, our bodies were beat up, and we were exhausted.

Coach Jack always spoke loudly, with confidence and with enthusiasm. We would quickly find out he always had something to teach our team. Sometimes small, yet other times not so small, Coach Jack would tell tales and teach lessons that would extend far beyond our lives as football players.

"Has anyone seen Frederick P Soft!?" Coach Jack began.

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8 Daily Routines and Systems to Organize Your Coaching and Optimize Your Life

By Joel Smith | Mon, Feb 27

“Discipline = Freedom” - Jocko Willink

Physical preparation may be one of the most saturated and competitive fields in existence. How do you get the edge? In a word: discipline.  

Discipline for a performance professional is of the essence. I’ve found discipline manifests itself in the realm of getting things done in two ways:

  • Motivation
  • Productivity Principles
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Becoming The First Female Strength Coach in Professional Baseball: My Unpaved Path to Success

By Rachel Balkovec | Fri, Feb 24

Disclaimer: Not everyone has to have this mindset. This is just the way I like to do things to keep myself mentally fresh and to be in touch with what is going on in an athlete’s body. I implore you: get 10 opinions and then form your own.

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