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10 Coaching Mistakes That Destroy The Coach-Athlete Relationship

By Misbah Haque | Fri, Jun 17

My biggest struggle when I first started coaching was adding personality to my classes. While I'd always been great with the technical aspect of things I learned very quickly that athletes are in the gym because they want to be engaged, entertained, and given a world class experience.

Information is available in abundance. But the connection you have with each athlete is irreplaceable.

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Upgrade Your Coaching with Deliberate Practice

By Ben Crookston | Wed, Jun 15

Once upon a time, as a Teacher in the Teach for America Corps, our Program Managers beat a certain phrase into our heads with the unrelenting consistency of a metronome blasted through an amplifier at a KISS concert.

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2 Defining Characteristics of Great CrossFit Coaches

By Logan Gelbrich | Tue, May 31

There’s a growing trend for a certain occupation in fitness these days and it’s coaching CrossFit. Like any sector, excellence not only pays the bills but it creates more value both for the coach and those around the coach.  Simply doing the job isn’t enough, either. We need to learn from great coaches, we need to be great coaches, and we need to develop great coaches.

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My Legendary Weekend at Sorinex Summer Strong

By Ben Crookston | Thu, May 26

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending Sorinex’s Summer Strong 9.

For the past four months, the event’s been hyped in my circles. It’s frequently touted as the “Woodstock of Strength.” An organic, free-flowing mashup of lectures, lifts, and laughs with the proverbial who’s-who in the Iron game. My friend Zach Even-Esh went so far as deeming the weekend “life changing.”

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Accelerated Growth Guide: 9 Career Development Lessons From Leading Strength Coaches [PDF]

By TrainHeroic | Sat, May 7

We know that being a Strength and Conditioning coach is a selfless job; endless hours, tight budgets and limited resources are the norm.

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