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The Power Programmer: 7 Ways To Save Time When Planning Your Training

By Chelsey Meeker | Wed, Oct 12

Time moves quite fast, doesn’t it!? In fact it moves at 60 minutes per hour and as a coach it probably seems like there simply isn't enough to get everything done in a day: managing work schedules, practice plans, athlete's individual needs, programming workouts, cleaning the gym, personal stuff, and the list could go to the bottom of this page but you get the point.

Every minute counts.

In this article I’ll point out 7 things that will save you time and help you more efficiently deliver your program to your athletes.

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Accepting Change: One Man’s Opinion on the Future of the CrossFit Gym

By Stuart Brauer | Tue, Oct 11

I’ve watched the micro gym sector of the fitness industry grow considerably since I was introduced to it over 10 years ago.  The emergence of CrossFit created the most impactful opportunity for a personal trainer looking to start their own business.  The status quo at the time was franchising a globo gym, in which the capital requirements alone alienated the average trainer from pursuing.

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Should I Hire Full Time Coaches or Part Time Coaches At My Facility? [Video]

By Stuart Brauer | Wed, Oct 5

As your facility begins to grow from a one man operation into a multi-person organization, you are going to be faced with a very important question: should I hire full time coaches or part time coaches?

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The Best and Worst Parts of Owning a Gym

By Chris Costa | Mon, Sep 26

When I was asked if I wanted to tackle writing about the best and worst parts of owning a gym, I wasn’t sure who would be tackling who.

Should it be positive? Negative? Neutral?

Or should I just skip all of the politically correct bullspat and be honest? It’s definitely not the technical articles that give me a thrill, but sometimes technical is psychologically tedious.

There’s positive and negative to both sides of the fence. The fence being, working for yourself versus working for someone else. I’ll just drop the glass at half full.

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4 Ways To Crush It On Social Media and Build Your Online Coaching Business

By Mike Dewar | Wed, Aug 17

Stop me if this story sounds familiar: when I started my journey to build an online fitness business, I had very little actual business, branding, and marketing experience.

Soon after, I quit my job at a corporate gym to pursue my own companies of J2FIT and TheBarbellCEO. To say the least, I quickly learned the importance of branding, social media marketing, and bootstrapping my business from the ground up.

Believe me when I say that social media has played a huge role in the growth of my companies, and it can do the same for you, but there is a right and a wrong way to go about your social media strategy.

Here's the correct way.

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5 Branding and Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Online Programs

By Mike Dewar | Wed, Aug 10

Online programming is an expanding revenue opportunity for coaches looking to capitalize on the growing needs of athletes all of the globe. There are thousands of free and cheap training options out there for athletes of all types to choose from, however, very few programs are building a branded approach to market and ultimately increase their memberships.

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How To Stand Out With Personal Service and Truly Individualized Coaching [Podcast]

In a fitness industry that is overflowing with charlatans, one size fits all diet plans, and social media "fitness gurus", Jason Phillips stands apart by virtue of his commitment to personal service, accountability to his clients and truly individualized coaching. He's a true Hero in every sense of the word.

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10 Coaching Mistakes That Destroy The Coach-Athlete Relationship

By Misbah Haque | Fri, Jun 17

My biggest struggle when I first started coaching was adding personality to my classes. While I'd always been great with the technical aspect of things I learned very quickly that athletes are in the gym because they want to be engaged, entertained, and given a world class experience.

Information is available in abundance. But the connection you have with each athlete is irreplaceable.

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Upgrade Your Coaching with Deliberate Practice

By Ben Crookston | Wed, Jun 15

Once upon a time, as a Teacher in the Teach for America Corps, our Program Managers beat a certain phrase into our heads with the unrelenting consistency of a metronome blasted through an amplifier at a KISS concert.

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14 Ways To Improve Athlete Engagement For A Stronger CrossFit Community

By Misbah Haque | Fri, Jun 10


If you turned the music off completely in your gym, what does the atmosphere feel like? Do you hear crickets or are your athletes chatting away, joking around and having a great time?

One of the most critical aspects of coaching and building a successful business is athlete engagement. Are you talking to your athletes? Are the athletes talking to other athletes? Are they engaged in their training?

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