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School’s in Session – 3 Life Lessons I Learned from the World’s Best Coaches

By Fergus Connolly | Wed, Jan 23

You can learn a lot about technique, exercise selection, and programming from coaches who’ve walked the walk, particularly when they’ve been practicing their craft for more years than you’ve been alive. But in my real-life apprenticeship, the biggest lessons I learned from masters like Dan Pfaff, Ashley Jones, and Charlie Francis (as well as leaders in the special forces and business communities) were about how to be a better leader, communicator, and person.

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Coach as Counselor Part 3 - How to Spot Mental Health Red Flags

By Darren Dillon | Wed, Jan 16

In the previous two posts in this series, we explored ways to clean up your athletes’ mental hygiene and how to use your situational awareness to spot intuitively when someone is struggling. For this third installment, we’re turning our attention to how we can combine subjective observation and objective measurements to monitor players’ mental health and hopefully spot any red flags so we can address an issue like anxiety or depression before it escalates.

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