4 Early Off-Season Football Training Goals Your Team Should Focus On

By Rob Van Valkenburgh | Thu, Dec 15

Editors Note: This is the first installment in a multi-part series on off-season strength training for football at the high school level. In the next few posts we'll explore how you should organize your training from Late November through Early August.

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8 Attributes Every High School Athlete Must Have to Excel in a Collegiate Strength Program

By Rob Van Valkenburgh | Fri, Dec 2

I believe that most high school aged athletes are being done a disservice with their training.  As a former collegiate strength and conditioning coach and someone who works with a multitude of high school aged athletes it is clear that they are being lead in the wrong direction. 

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4 Fixes For The Train Wreck Squat

By Zach Long, DPT, SCS | Wed, Nov 16

Most coaches have a handful of mobility and motor control drills that they can employ to quickly fix most athletes squats. But every so often, that train wreck squatter shows up. Knee valgus, foot collapse, low back rounding, and nowhere near full depth! When you watch this athlete squat, its hard to even know where to start!

Next time you see this type of squat, try one of the following drills which will often rapidly help the immature squat get back on track.

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9 Top Strength Coaches Share Their Best Training, Coaching, and Business Lessons

By Colby Knepp | Wed, Nov 2

We live in a time where ideas flow freely and like-minded people can connect with ease. Today's blog post is one such resource to add to your coaching and training arsenal: a collaborative effort from nine of the world's top strength coaches to help you excel in your coaching, training, and business efforts.

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Competitive CrossFit Is Leaving One Major Weakness In Your Fitness - Learn How to Fix It Here

By Logan Gelbrich | Tue, Nov 1

With the growing pedigree of the CrossFit Games, there’s a prevailing notion that preparation for such a competition is much more a hard science than an art. Each year we see blog posts, analytical data regarding previous event structures, and guesswork regarding the prevalence of certain movements over others.

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Dominate Your In-Season Training With This Sample Template for High School Football Teams

By Ryan Williams | Tue, Oct 25

Football season is officially upon us and if you're a football coach there’s really only one night that matters to you: Friday.

Here's how to maximize your training leading up to Kick Off.

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7 Common Off-Season Rugby Training Mistakes

By Jamie Bain | Mon, Oct 24

The off season is a crucial training period in a rugby player’s calendar: do it correctly and you'll be fitter, faster and more powerful than the competition. Do it incorrectly and you could find yourself in a world of hurt come the first few weeks of the season.

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3 Principles to Building a Successful Team Culture

By Joel Smith | Tue, Oct 18

“To win takes talent… to repeat takes Character” - John Wooden

Take a look at any team dynasty through the years in sports, and behind it all, you’ll see a coach that created a culture of success.  Any team can win it all one season, but to repeat success time and time again takes something more.  

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Parents: Stop Coaching From The Sidelines (You're Actually Making Things Worse!)

By Colby Knepp | Mon, Oct 10

Kevin Eastman, former Vice President of Basketball Operations for the LA Clippers, has been a coach since 1978, and according to our Google Analytics readership data, that's longer than the majority of you have been alive!

Suffice it to say, this dude has experience at multiple levels. After a coaching career that included one NBA Championship (2008 NBA Championship; Kevin was an assistant with the Boston Celtics), Kevin moved into an executive role where he eventually retired in June of 2016.

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3 Quick Fixes To A Bigger Deadlift

By Jeff Guthrie | Fri, Oct 7

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you see your bar loaded up, walk up to it, take a deep breath, put everything you have into pulling that weight off the floor, and reach lockout.


It’s also hard to describe the feeling you get when you see your bar loaded up, walk up to it, take a deep breath, put everything you have into pulling that weight off the floor, and it doesn’t budge. It can be devastating!  

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