The Top 3 TrainHeroic Features That You're Not Using


We built TrainHeroic based on the feedback and input of our coaches.

That means you, Coach.

Seriously, when we have the opportunity to spend time in a weight room, with a coach, and even talking on the phone, we hear some amazing ideas. The features that we create are built based on specific feedback and more specifically, the pain points that our coaches and their athletes are dealing with.

We continue to make further enhancements to the product and I’m sure you’ve taken note of some of those updates. We do our best to communicate those changes to our coaches and athletes but let’s be real, who reads every email in their inbox?!

Just in case you missed some things that can really add some power to your work flow, below are the top 3 feature that you AREN’T using along with the reason that they were created and the specific pain point that they’ll solve for you, your staff, and for your athletes.

The Team Training App

Imagine a paperless weightroom.

Imagine a weightroom where athletes could go from rack to rack, see their workout on a tablet, tap their name, and quickly view and log their training data.

Imagine if you could use a giphy.gifsingle tablet to log a bunch of athletes’ data simultaneously.

Well, you can! We call our this the Team Training App and it’s pretty amazing.

The Team Training App is a native app, which means you can download the app on any tablet (iOS or Android). The app looks similar to the iPhone app and Android app, but it’s only accessible with a coach account.

You can access the Team Training App on a laptop too, but our vision for the Team Training App is to have this be mobile so athletes can easily access it as they train.

PRO TIP: Team Training App allows you to quickly review a digital version of an athlete’s workout. 

Learn how to access and leverage the Team Training App by clicking here.

TrainHeroic’s Pre-Built Programs

It was 2009 and I was getting ready to graduate from the University of San Diego. In my four years on the football team, I was lucky enough to have been coached by some of the best coaches in college (and pro) football.

Jim Harbaugh recruited me and was my head coach.

Coach Harbaugh’s staff was fulleap.gif of absolute studs that are now sprinkled throughout the NFL and college ranks, included then Head Strength Coach Shannon Turley (now at Stanford). Coach Turley introduced me to the best methods and practices in strength and conditioning.

It was the learning from Coach Turley that influenced our vision for TrainHeroic.

Five years ago when we started TrainHeroic we wanted to build a technology platform that would allow us to bring the best strength coaches, the Coach Turleys of the world, and put them in front of high school coaches and athletes.

We wanted to relieve the head coach of having to do it all, using software to add another “virtual” member to his staff.

The programs we offer are excellent and they’re built specifically for high school athletes with a ton of consideration to time, space, equipment, and experience of high school student-athletes.

I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to check out the Explosive Athlete Program for your athletes and the Heroic Athlete Program for any non-athletes or physical education environments.

You can learn more about the Explosive Athlete program by clicking here and more about the Heroic Athlete Program by clicking here.

Here is exactly how to setup these programs on your team’s calendar today.

Workout and Leaderboard Embed for Your Website 

Our coaches, and CrossFit coaches specifically, were spending time creating their workouts in TrainHeroic so their athletes could view and log them. Then, they were going to their website and posting their workouts on their WOD blog as well.

The process was redundant embed.gifand instead of spending time with the family or other higher value things, our coaches were spending too much time posting their workouts.

We built a simple feature that lets you paste 1 line of code into your website (just once!) so that every single time a workout posts in TrainHeroic, it automatically posts to your website too.

You can set this up on your website quickly and easily and here is exactly how to get this done today.

If you have any questions about these three features, or anything else, please email us anytime at

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About The Author

Josh Sutchar is the co-founder and CXO of TrainHeroic. Before joining TrainHeroic, Josh doubled as a tax consultant and football coach. He is the 2nd of 5 children and has a passion for flag football, pick-up basketball, and reading (okay... listening to audiobooks is more accurate). When not training Heroic. Josh enjoys hanging with the fam, throwing the football, and laughing with his lady. He is passionate about realizing the vision that the TrainHeroic team has for the future of coaches and athletes around the globe.