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Here’s what you need to know this week:

LSU’s Strange Approach to In-Season Practice Is Paying Off

Ed Orgeron took over as LSU’s interim head coach and the team is off to a stellar start since the coaching change. But having a new head coach isn’t the only big change under the team's new leadership.

Strength Coach Tommy Moffitt (a contributor to the TrainHeroic Accelerated Growth Guide), said, “We’re actually spending, on an average, 66 percent less time on the field, but we’re only doing about 25 percent less work.”

From GridIron Now:

In three games under Orgeron, LSU is outscoring its opponents 73-7 in the second half.

“There’s tangible results because our guys are playing faster in the games,” Moffitt said. “And fewer injuries because you spend less time on the field. Injuries heal up faster.”

The lesson here: deep in the season, it’s all about keeping the team fresh, and spending less time grinding out practices can lead to better performance on the field.

How The Honey Badger Trains To Keep Up With The NFL’s Biggest and Baddest

Tyrann Mathieu, nicknamed “The Honey Badger” for his never quit attitude, stacks up at five foot nine and a whopping 189 pounds. Despite being one of the smaller players in the NFL, Tyrann knows that he still has to get on the field and compete.

“I’m on of the smallest guys in every game. Like literally, I’m the smallest guy on the field. So for me… I have to go out there and take what I want.

NFL Films highlighting some Tyrann’s training. Check it out here:

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