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Here’s what you need to know this week:

Iowa’s Strength Coach Has Some Great Advice for Incoming Freshman

Strength Coach Chris Doyle has been with the Iowa Hawkeyes since 1999. Before that, he was with Utah and Wisconsin. And before that, Chris started his coaching career in 1990.

Long story short, Coach Doyle has been a coach for a long time and he knows how to impact the lives of his athletes, especially all the young blood that hits his weight room every season.

In a recent interview, Coach Doyle gave three pieces of advice for incoming Freshman:

  1. Show up on time.
  2. Listen and learn.
  3. Work hard.

Here’s the thing - those three pieces of advice require zero talent and are usually the difference between a player who’s pretty good, and a player who’s outstanding.

Good on ya, Coach Doyle. Keep being a badass and influencing your athletes lives.

Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Workout - The 2016 CrossFit Liftoff is Officially Announced

CrossFit HQ has done a stellar job of keeping athletes and gyms engaged during the fall months. The Games have come and gone, but the desire to compete remains!

Following the conclusion of the Team Series, CrossFit HQ just announced the 2016 Liftoff. Check it out: 


This Week in People Being Their Best: Cindy Martinez Overcomes Amputation To Become CrossFit Athlete

A year ago, Cindy Martinez lost her legs, one arm and some fingers after contracting a flesh eating bacteria. It’s unknown how she became infected, but that’s besides the point.

Upon learning that she had contracted the infection, the Marine veteran faced a brutal choice.

Lose some limbs or die.

Well, the amputations saved her life, and following her surgery Cindy didn’t have the strength to walk or lift five pounds. She knew that her road to recovery was going to be long, but the Marine didn't faulter.

After a while of staying at home and recovering, she contacted a local gym. And upon receiving a call back from CrossFit Goat, it was game on, and thus began her road to recovery, regaining her strength, and becoming a CrossFit Athlete.

From the article:

“Her coach, gym owner Amanda Greaver, pledged to work with her and to find whatever way they could for her to do exercises that challenge even people with all of their limbs. She's in awe of how Martinez tackles each workout.

'She will not be stopped no matter what," Greaver said. 'If something doesn't work, there's no getting frustrated. We adapt and move on to something else. She is always, always positive.'”

Here’s to you, Cindy Martinez, and to your coaches! Here at TrainHeroic, we love to see people Being Their Best, despite the inevitable challenges that arise.

Nice work, ladies!

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