Summertime Gains - CoachHeroic and Athlete Mobile Updates


Christmas in July? Better!

The latest release includes awesome new tools for managing your summertime gainz!

Check it out.

Latest Updates to CoachHeroic

We’re always looking to make things better and the focus on this latest update is to make the search function in CoachHeroic better for you so that you can create training programs more efficiently.

For starters, you no longer need to select whether you’re searching for exercises, favorites or workouts, and they’re all now in the same library.

Even better, we sort the search results by the number of times coaches use certain exercises, favorites, and workouts so you get relevant results.

TrainHeroic > Google.

Next, you can now filter your library.


If you have a custom library that you’ve built and you might not want to use TrainHeroic’s library at all, the new filters allow you to search for your customized movements and sections only.

Have you ever guessed as to what a workout or favorite was before you put it on the calendar?

Well, you can now see a sweet preview of a favorite or a workout before you select it and place it on the calendar.

Every one of these changes are intended to save you time, Coach!

In the workout builder you’ll get the same search functions, minus workouts.

You’ll notice that the workout builder is full screen now, and the library is on the far right, instead of under the section details.


This gives you more real-estate and give us more options for ways to optimize this screen for you.

One small change that may affect your programming style is the toggle to switch between SETS + REPS and TEXT ONLY sections.

This has moved and now lives in the smallest gear shift ever created where you currently save favorites.


Upcoming Release to the Athlete App

If you have any questions, requests, or want to call us just to talk, please get in contact with our team anytime.

You can call us direct at 855-688-5438 or email us anytime at

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