TrainHeroic 2.0: Revealing the New Platform


There are two approaches to building anything:

1) To build upon and simply add new to an existing foundation


2) To build from scratch and start from ground zero

These truths apply to all realms of life (training, business, relationships, products, etc.), but few pause to consider the implications of each approach.

In the first approach, the additions/gainz that are made are not only immediately evident, but IMPRESSIVE.

If I'm a 500 lb squatter and add 25 lbs to my top end lift, the gainz are both visible and notable. If I have a 4,000 sq foot house, and tack on a 2,000 sq ft addition, my neighbors can immediately see the new grandeur and expanse of my sweeping estate as it floods their field of view (they'll also potentially report me to the city zoning commission for obstructing their privacy and offending their sense of space).

Regardless of domain, with a strong foundation already paved, any new addition makes an existing product even more impressive, shiny, fancy, and wonderful. It's like bolting a big orange plume on the tail end of a peacock. The splendor of the already splendid thing becomes that much more splendid indeed.

The gainz result in applause. The applause is rewarding.

The later approach is the tough one to face, because it requires starting from a dead stop.

If I'm building from scratch and tacking my gainz onto an absent foundation, any viewers, onlookers, or critics will be prone to say that the "gainz" made are, by definition, not gainz indeed, but instead the foundational playing stakes required for the game.

In this approach, there's not only inertia to overcome, but also the social pressure of perception.

When you're starting at ground zero, it's foolish to expect someone to give you the daintiest of golf claps for the product of your efforts for quite some time. Almost without exception, things are simply not that impressive at the beginning.

It takes time to impress. It's a process. It's rough.

It's frustrating and challenging because we as humans have the tendency to want to show others the fruits of our labor. So, in the beginning, when the fruits aren't quite as abundant as we're used to or hope for, it ends up making the journey all the more trying.

There is rarely applause. The lack of applause is challenging.

The past few months, our team's been on that journey.

It's been tough and we've been eagerly awaiting the day when we could provide you with the next wave of product and delight in your feedback...

Today's that day.

Today we reveal the new foundation of the TrainHeroic web platform.

It's a faster, more responsive, and, dare I say "prettier" interface than ever before. Viewing your training, logging your workouts, and engaging with your training community just got even easier.

A few immediately evident new features you'll notice:Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.50.55 AM

  • Picture and video integration to the Feed
  • Easier and snappier navigation
  • Partitioned Men's and Women's training leaderboards
  • Flexible privacy settings
  • More prominent and larger video and tips view


There are some niceties for sure, but nothing I'd expect you to go shouting from a rooftop.

Not yet.

Again, recall the above.

We built it all from scratch and this is just the foundation.

You see, much of what our team's been cranking away at for the past handful of months is rewriting the entire architecture of our portfolio of applications. In fact, as we retooled the architecture to set up a more potent training platform, we even stripped away at some of the fat, and will be re-releasing upgrades of these features on a steady drip over the next couple of months.

We perfected our form, nailed down our mechanics, and are just now starting to hit the heavy intensities. So while it may appear like we just changed the paint on the car, we in fact gutted out and rebuilt the engine.

And that engine is a V12 supercharger ready to roar.

So, what I'm asking you to get excited about is what's underneath the hood and what's to come.

This Summer and early Fall you'll see a torrid release of new benefits to your training

  • The much awaited native Android App
  • Custom benchmark, lift, and skill logging
  • Customizable and flexible program templates from the top coaches in the game
  • A gorgeous new full screen training calendar on which athletes can customize, manage, and plan their training
  • More in-depth and filterable stats and analytics
  • And more...

So enjoy this release, continue to provide your feedback, and just know, the gainz are right around the corner.

Train hard. Train smart. TrainHeroic,







About The Author

Ben Crookston is the Founder and CEO of TrainHeroic. Prior to finding his home in the tech world, Ben ordered the Sampler off the career menu, teaching, coaching, and writing. He has an incredible family and back squats 500 pounds A2G.