TRENDING: Highest Strength Coach Honor, How One Coach Gets His Rookies Ready, and CrossFit HQ Programming Talk


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Is This The Highest Honor For a Strength Coach?

It seems like the University of Oregon has figured out how to win the college recruiting game - new uni's each week and a world class football training center

But as most coaches know, a team and only be as good as the leadership, and the Ducks administration is doing their part with the latest uniform release.

Strength Performance Daily reported, "The football uniforms that the Oregon Ducks debuted this past weekend, named the "THE RAD", were inspired by Oregon's Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim Radcliffe (aka Coach Rad), a former student-athlete in his 30th year as the school’s head strength and conditioning coach."

From The Ducks Athletic Department:

"Players spoke to Coach Rad's ability to get the best out of them by developing their individual strengths, increasing extreme transitional agility and helping them achieve unbelievable speed. Although his innovation and methodology were often unique in nature and practice, his blue-collar ethics and never-changing look of wearing a grey heather tee were also cemented into a student-athlete's pillar of success in his or her training with Coach Rad."

We love seeing teams rally around their strength coach - because when it comes to discipline, no player escapes the eye of the strength coach.

Check 'em out:

How Houston Texans Strength Coach Craig Fitzgerald Gets His Rookies Up To Speed

Well, as of today the pre-season is OVER and it's time for the real action to begin. Houston Texans Strength Coach Craig Fitzgerald has been spending  plently of time with his rookies the past few months, and STACK recently shared some insight into how it goes down.

Coach Fitzgerald says, "[We're just] trying to give them good habits. It's really fun for me to see them because the first week they got here, you know, they may have not done a good job at the training table and they have a bad practice. But now they're learning, they're having great performances, and I think that their momentum is going upward."

CrossFit HQ Is Still Trying To Teach Affiliates About Proper Programming

When it comes to developing world class fitness and world class coaches, the CrossFit model is leading the pack.

Look no further than the growth of a $4 billion brand, the number of affiliates and the heated public debates between the NSCA and CrossFit HQ.

But like any business, maintaining a high standard of quality during massive growth has been a challenge for the team at HQ.

So tough, in fact, that despite an in-depth programming lecture at the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar, HQ still feels as if most of their affiliates are focusing on serving their competitor popular and not their general population.



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