TRENDING: Does The NCAA Owe Wages To College Football Players? [The Rundown]


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Here’s what you need to know this week:

Does the NCAA owe wages to college football players?

The debate of amateur vs. professional continues in the college world - on September 27th, Bloomberg reported that the NCAA and Pac-12 conference just got hit with a lawsuit claiming that college football players are employees of the NCAA.

On one side of the argument, the majority of Division 1 athletes are getting their education paid for while thousands of college graduates are getting crippled by student debt.

And on the other side, these same athletes bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for athletic departments, and seeing as America is a capitalist society, who’s to say they shouldn’t get a cut of the revenue they bring in?

What are your thoughts? Should student athletes get paid in relation to the revenue they generate? Or is a college education sufficient?

CrossFit HQ Stiffens The Fight Against Big Soda

Did you know that big soda spends millions to fund research that says (surprise!) soda is just fine?

CrossFit CEO and Founder Greg Glassman hates this and is using his platform to get big soda out of medical research.

It doesn’t end there - Gatorade (owned by PepsiCo), is a top level sponsor of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), one of the leading certified bodies for fitness and strength and conditioning professionals. And CrossFit HQ hates it.

What do you think? Is CrossFit fighting a losing battle? Or is this a classic match-up of David vs. Goliath (and we all know how that ends)? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts.



This Week in People Being Their Best: Tim Tebow Homers First Pitch of His Professional Baseball Career

Man, Tim Tebow is special.


He gets drafted despite a weird throwing motion, throws one of the most memorable touchdowns in Denver Bronco history, and just when we think Tebow is done being awesome, this happens … at his first at bat as a professional baseball player, on the VERY FIRST pitch.



Good on, Tebow. Keep being awesome.

Impactful Quote of the Week: Bryan Mann


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