TRENDING: Lawyer and Parents Want To End Mandatory Weight Sessions at California High School


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Here’s what you need to know this week:

Lawyer and Parents Want To End Mandatory Weight Sessions at California High School

El Diamante High School requires their athletes attend a strength training class and a group of parents don’t like it. Lewis Griswold, a writer for the Fresno Bee, reports:

“Visalia lawyer Roland Soltesz, whose daughter is a senior and varsity soccer player, sent the school a letter demanding “the immediate cessation of the mandatory strength training policy.”

Beyond whether or not mandatory strength training is beneficial to their athletes, the issue calls into question the balance of academics and athletics. Coaches from the school are pressuring the athletes to choose between academic electives and weight training.

“Student-athletes, many of them “A” students involved in more than one after-school activity, are being pressured by coaches to drop an academic elective from their schedules to make room for weight training class, or to lift weights before school starts, Soltesz said.”

We love seeing athletes hitting the weight room. The benefits are immense. But what do you do when it comes down to hitting the weights or the books? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Programming as Culture In Your Gym

If you own a CrossFit Affiliate, you are probably realizing that it’s a lot tougher to grow your CrossFit box than it was a few years ago. Boxes are opening up across the block, and it seems like a new competitor pops up every quarter.

While your best bet at standing out is having the best coaches around (they are the product, after all), building a culture with your programming is another solid route.

Matt Chan, former owner of CrossFit Verve and founder of TrainFTW, says, “Maybe some people get burned out on CrossFit. Just doing CrossFit, they get a little burned out, and they wanna follow a different interest that they have. And that’s where I think a lot of us offer something like an Olympic weightlifting class, or maybe a Barbell class.”

This Week In People Being Their Best: Rachel Balkovec

Rachel Balkovec is the first female strength coach in the MLB. How did she do it? Check out her interview on the Brute Strength Podcast to hear her story.

From Brute Strength:

“Rachel is the opposite of an overnight success, and a great example of what happens when you believe in yourself, know your purpose, and never give up on your dreams. As you will hear in this episode, getting a team to hire her for a role normally occupied by men was no easy feat, but nonetheless, Rachel is in a league of her own and she continues to break down barriers with the Astros Latin American conditioning program. In this episode we get into coaching mentality and leading by example, working with new athletes, and why you should constantly be going outside of your comfort zone.”


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