Whatever You Do, Don't Call Him a Celebrity Trainer - Meet One of Hollywood's Top Strength Coaches [PowerHouse Ep 2]


Gunnar Peterson, a Beverly Hills based strength coach, is best known for his massive level of success as both a trainer and as an entrepreneur. His book of business includes celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday people.

But despite his world renowned reputation for being a "celebrity trainer", Gunnar Peterson hates this title and instead focuses on helping his clients be their best.

"You're not a celebrity trainer. You're a strength coach. Or you're a trainer. You're just trying to get people to do what they do better. Everything we do in here should service everything they do outside of here.. And if that's not happening, we're not doing our job."

Gunnar knows his duty and responsibility to his clients and we're proud to take you behind the scenes of Gunnar Peterson Fitness on today's episode of PowerHouse. 


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