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Young Athlete Resistance Training: When To Start & How To Stay Safe

By Tim DiFrancesco | Wed, May 1

One of the oldest myths in the strength and conditioning book (and the parenting one too) is that lifting weights and doing other forms of resistance training can stunt kids’ growth. As a result, some of the most frequent questions you’ll hear if, like me, you’re involved in training young athletes responsibly include, “When can my son or daughter start lifting weights?” and “Isn’t resistance training going to damage them because they’re still growing?”

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Cultivating Culture

By Darren Dillon | Wed, Apr 24

I’m so sick and tired of hearing the word “culture!” It has gone from being a term that used to actually mean something significant to devolving into one of those overused and overhyped business buzzwords like “optimization” or “synergy” that deserves to be lampooned in a Dilbert comic strip or on HBO's Silicon Valley.

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Better than Yesterday: Introducing Past Performances

By Ben Crookston | Thu, Apr 18

When I first heard David Goggins' story last year, my reaction was like most:


The dude is a MONSTER. Mentally, physically, and otherwise. He's a hardcore cat that's done some ridiculous things.

But David's origins were far from ridiculous.

In fact, in his early twenties, Goggins found himself crippled by insecurity. He weighed a Twinkie under 300 lbs and spent the better parts of his days chasing roaches out of restaurants.

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