PR & Chill: Strongman and Stress Management w/ Logan Gelbrich

By Colby Knepp | Wed, Dec 14

Max effort day; for most athletes, it's a chance to howl at moon, crank up the tunes and test their physical limits (safely, of course). But far too often an athlete can place too big of an emphasis on beating previous maxes and actually end up under performing due to self induced stress.

In order to keep your athletes focused and squeeze out every last ounce of potential, it's your job as the coach to help them keep things in perspective.

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Inch By Inch: How One High School Football Team Turned Their Program Around in a Big Way

By Jay Crookston | Tue, Dec 13

In the 1999 hit film, “Any Given Sunday,” Al Pacino’s character gives a classic pre-game motivational talk about how success is achieved “inch by inch.”

“When we add up all those inches, we know that’s gonna make the [bleeping] difference between winning and losing.”

Extolling the virtues of personal sacrifice, determination, commitment, teamwork and extra effort, it’s a stirring speech, for sure. It makes for great theater, but as you reflect on the 2016 season and start thinking about the 2017 campaign, is this notion of “inch by inch” relevant to your athletes?

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5 Offseason Training Mistakes That Are Keeping Your High School Athletes Slow, Small, and Weak

By Andy Baker | Mon, Dec 12

As a strength coach in private practice I’ve had the unfortunate experience of looking at some of the “offseason” training plans that many of my student athletes have brought home with them over the summer. With the supposed goal of building strength and muscle mass in the offseason, most of these plans accomplish neither one with much success. 

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Plan Workouts Faster With Our Upgraded Calendar and Planning Tools

By Colby Knepp | Thu, Dec 8

Coach - over the past few months we've increased the size of our development team; that means you can look forward to loads of great new features coming your way. We strive to be a coach-centric platform and know that you'll love the improvements we made to your calendar and planning tools.

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Off-Season Goal Setting For Strength Coaches: How To Start The Off-Season Strong

By Dr. Chris Holder | Mon, Dec 5

It’s that time of year again. Our current seasons are coming to an end and we all have been reflecting on what we can do better for the next year. I spend the entire calendar year planning ahead, getting my ducks in a row to make sure that we are leaving nothing in question from an organizational perspective. We are in the business of building athletes. We are in the business of giving our coaching staff an upper hand so they can game plan for success.

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8 Attributes Every High School Athlete Must Have to Excel in a Collegiate Strength Program

By Rob Van Valkenburgh | Fri, Dec 2

I believe that most high school aged athletes are being done a disservice with their training.  As a former collegiate strength and conditioning coach and someone who works with a multitude of high school aged athletes it is clear that they are being lead in the wrong direction. 

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Practical Programming For Young Athletes - What You Didn't Learn In School

By Ryan Leibreich | Thu, Dec 1

Imagine this: you just finished four years of college and just landed your first job training young athletes. Getting prepped for your first day you spent hours toiling over the perfect program; the sets, reps and timing all line up and your excel document looks like it was done my Michelangelo himself.

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