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Better than Yesterday: Introducing Past Performances

By Ben Crookston | Thu, Apr 18

When I first heard David Goggins' story last year, my reaction was like most:


The dude is a MONSTER. Mentally, physically, and otherwise. He's a hardcore cat that's done some ridiculous things.

But David's origins were far from ridiculous.

In fact, in his early twenties, Goggins found himself crippled by insecurity. He weighed a Twinkie under 300 lbs and spent the better parts of his days chasing roaches out of restaurants.

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Injury Prevention 101: Deploying Muscle Activation, Movement Prep, and Mobility to Bulletproof Your Body

By Phil White | Wed, Apr 17

OK, let me start with a quick caveat. There is no way to eliminate completely the possibility of getting hurt. When you’re physically active, there’s always the chance that something will go awry, particularly when you are operating in an open, chaotic, and unstable environment (see: athletes playing in a game or troops on an active duty mission).

So beware of anyone claiming they can rule out the risk of getting banged up...because they’re full of crap.

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