Online Training: The Next Evolution

It’s not often you get the chance to launch a product, or do anything for that matter, that has the capacity to change the trajectory of people’s lives.

Today, I feel distinctly lucky to announce an offering that provides incredible value to two groups of people we love: coaches and athletes.

The TrainHeroic Marketplace is our first big gift to the world of sport.

The Marketplace unlocks a central meeting place for coaches and athletes around the globe to connect, communicate, and unite in the pursuit of their goals.

It’s like a giant performance party...and you’re invited.Online Training TrainHeroic Marketplace

The Marketplace democratizes and opens up a sustainable and new era of training. Coaches are provided the online training tools to elegantly scale their influence, receive credit for their exhaustive work, and impact athlete outcomes everywhere.

It imbues athletes with a unique chance to affordably access world class coaches, benefit from targeted in-depth daily instruction, and stack up with their peers.

Online Training Tools for Coaches:

Imagine bringing your experience, knowledge, and inspiration to thousands of athletes simultaneously...all without leaving the comforts of your home.

Further, to hear back from those athletes, witness their progress, and watch them train in perfect harmony towards their most prized goals.

And the best part…

  • No costly build out
  • No expensive overhead
  • No fancy new website needed
  • No frustrating customer service to manage

The scalability you’ve dreamed of and the potent ability to influence and impact athletes around the globe is now here.

Online Training Access for Athletes:

Regardless of location, how many pennies ya got in your pocket, or what sport you’re training for, you can now find the perfect team, program, and coach for your training. And, through the TrainHeroic platform, get unlimited access anywhere, anytime, from any device.

In the world of power sports, that’s true power.

All of which come guaranteed troll-free, in positive, educational communities, with groups of similarly committed athletes focused on attacking the very same goals.

Simply click below to get started...

I'm a Coach I'm an Athlete

Train hard. Train smart. TrainHeroic.




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About The Author

Ben Crookston is the Founder and CEO of TrainHeroic. Prior to finding his home in the tech world, Ben ordered the Sampler off the career menu, teaching, coaching, and writing. He has an incredible family and back squats 500 pounds A2G.