8 Ways To Individualize Your Online Training Programs


Online coaching and programming has done wonders for coaches around the globe looking to maximize income streams. The draw to online programming for the masses is that it allows you to reach infinite amounts of paying customers in one shot... and does not affect the amount of time you need to spend when you're coaching 10 athletes or 100 athletes.

This means the more paying athletes you have on your online programming, the more you make per hour and the more freedom you have to do whatever you desire (travel, train, be with family, sleep, eat, etc.).

Why Online Training?

TrainHeroic has been a valuable asset in my transformation as a coach and personal trainer who previously made 100% of my income training in person. This meant the more I worked, the more I made. However, there was always a breaking point at which I could not work any more hours in a day; and therefore, my income could not increase.


With TrainHeroic, I am able to develop programs for Olympic weightlifters and functional fitness athletes alike, which has enabled me to make a few hundred dollars more per month via my online teams and services. 

While this all seems simple and easy (and thanks to the hard work and continual updates by the TrainHeroic team, it is), the harsh reality is that building the perfect program for the masses will simply not cut it these days.

For many reasons, athletes and potential customers are very discerning in their selection process of which teams to join online/at TrainHeroic. Here are just a few:

  1. Online Competition: There are a million and one coaches in the world trying to make a buck or three online, which can be a downside for many if you are not willing to go above and beyond and set yourself (and your programs) apart.
  2. Credibility of Coaches: Credible coaches are key to the selection process because athletes want to trust in someone who knows what they are doing. This means coaches should be open about who they are, why they are good coaches, and what their athletes can expect when they join their team(s).
  3. Pricing: On TrainHeroic you have the ability to set your pricing for all of your team subscriptions and programs. This means you better be aware of your competition because your athletes and potential paying customers are too. While this doesn't mean you should be undercutting anyone to try to make the sale, you should know that if you are to charge more than your competitors, you better be bringing something unique to the table.

We are going to address eight ways you can increase the value of your online programming by individualizing your athletes' and potential paying customers' training and coaching experience.

All of these methods have helped me and my coaches create a strong sense of community with our online teams. I am confident that you can easily implement some of these with your current training groups to better solidify your place as an online coach.

8 Ways to Individualize “Mass” Online Training Programs

Individualizing mass training programs may seem contradictory, but I assure you it is doable and necessary if you are looking to retain more athletes and paying customers... and help them see the best results from your programming.

Many of the methods below will offer you solutions to some of your leading problems when dealing with mass coaching.

It is important to note that many of these do require you to go above and beyond at times for the greater good of your athletes. But I assure you the payoff (pun intended) will be worth it in the long run.

1. Know Your Athletes/Audience

When setting up a team subscription on TrainHeroic (or any other system for that matter), you need to first determine who your target audience/athletes are.


If you are a weightlifting coach, you are most likely looking to target Olympic weightlifters and potentially CrossFitters looking to upgrade their weightlifting WODs into some skill work to really master the lifts.

The above scenario is exactly what I am doing with our online team, which came about when we expanded our Olympic weightlifting club into the weightlifting program at our local CrossFit gym. The payoff is that we know exactly who our audience is, what they need, and how we can create better programs to target common technique faults that most CrossFitters and/or intermediate lifters may have.

2. Create a Supportive Facebook Community

This is not only super easy to do, but it’s also 100% free for you as a coach to set up and monitor for your athletes.

I started doing this after I wanted the ability to have athletes upload videos for feedback on our team subscription (yes, myself and my coaches really do take 5-10 minutes per day and comment on our athletes' videos).

By creating a Facebook group, which we appropriately called “The Team of Champions,” we gave our athletes a place to meet other athletes on the app and to create chatter and a sense of community and support. We even made this an open Facebook group to get more people involved (even if they are not on the team subscription), which has really helped us to get new athletes signing up to join all the fun.

If you are searching for a fun, interactive, and motivating group of weightlifters, CrossFitters, and coaches who love talking about training and life, I’d love to have you join my open Weightlifting Community Facebook Group!

3. Email New Athletes

Whether you make a new sale on TrainHeroic or another platform, be sure to reach out to new customers/athletes upon them signing up.

This doesn’t have to be anything crazy; I really like sending them a welcome email containing some of my most helpful YouTube videos, snatch articles, and mobility exercises (this is what I do for our Olympic weightlifting team).

I then make sure my welcome email contains links to our social media accounts (Instagram) and offers them my contact info if they want to contact me directly. All of this is done automatically with email marketing software (I prefer InfusionSoft), and all I need to do is enter my new athlete into the workflow (you could also use other platforms or have a saved draft on hand and do it manually too).

This step takes some time to get it going; however, I have found great value in doing it (and my athletes have too).

4. Answer Questions from Athletes

No matter how you interact with athletes - the app, your Facebook page, or simply email communication - be sure to genuinely provide them with constructive feedback and coaching.

No question is too small, and no question should go unanswered.

If you don’t know something, find the answers and be the integral part of your athlete's journey. I find this can be done easily if you establish clear communication platforms like the ones mentioned above.



5. Be A Coach

Believe it or not, some online “coaches” think that all they should do is program, post workouts, and collect paychecks. The truth of the matter is, unless you have one million followers and are looking for a small (very) percentage of people to give you money, this method will often not work and will end badly in the long run.

Online coaching doesn't mean absent coach.

With today’s technology and helpful coaching platforms like Coach Heroic, there is no excuse why you can't help more athletes around the globe reach their potential. This video is something we do for our online Olympic weightlifting team to keep everyone in the loop and offer a more exclusive training experience.

6. Offer Regressions/Progression within Sections

When writing and formatting programs online, you can easily offer a few regressions/progression for a movement in the event one of your athletes has difficulty.

By foreseeing any limitations that may exist (often found out because you know your audience, and they are active in your community pages), you can help streamline their training experience and offer them an individual feel.

In my functional fitness program, I offer a few regressions and progressions on many of the strength and movement pieces, each full with videos and instructions (which is made easy with the TrainHeroic platform).

7. Have Athletes Send Videos of Lifts

Once you have set up a Facebook community page, I strongly urge you to make posting videos (by athletes) a regular thing, as it can help offer additional coaching points for those who post them AND help other athletes (and potential athletes) see that you are not an absent coach.

Using video helps your team start to see people like them training hard, and it does wonders for accountability and retention of athletes.



8. Make Adjustments After Athletes' Feedback

Understanding your athletes and their needs is one thing, but actually making a program that can strike balance between doing the things they need (and often do not like to do) while keeping in mind the feedback you are getting from your athletes about the training sessions and program is truly an art.

Luckily for you, you have set up various avenues of communication with your athletes and are a great coach who knows how to do such things :)

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About The Author

Mike holds a Masters in Applied Physiology from Columbia University and a Bachelors in Exercise Science from Bowling Green State University. He is an accredited Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCAS CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and an Advanced Sports Performance Coach from USA Weightlifting (USAWL2).