4 Quick Fixes to Get More Online Training Customers

You got into the online training space for a reason.

Maybe you wanted to extend your influence and reach an abundant army of athletes around the world?

Maybe you wanted to find a way to bolster your income and create more flexibility in your coaching business?

Or, maybe you're like the millions of creators in the blogging/video/content world and you wanted to just create something of value and get your voice heard?

Whatever the reason, all of those dreams only become a reality when we make our content easy-to-find and dummy proof to discover.

Here at TrainHeroic, we support our coaches every way possible, and helping you drive traffic is no exception to the rule.

Here are 4 Easy-to-Apply Remedies to Kickstart Customer Growth

1. Love your Current Customers

Referrals are the best marketing. Rather than racing off to social media, your blog, or your e-mail list to raise awareness with new leads, start your efforts at home.

Start by building loyalty from your current customers and turning them into your biggest evangelists.

Here's why customer referrals are > any other form of marketing

  1. Referrals Have a Lower Cost of Acquisition
  2. Existing Customers are Your Best Advocates
  3. Referred Leads are More Likely to Buy
  4. Loyal Customers Can be Identified and Rewarded
  5. Need more reasons to focus on driving loyalty from your current customers? Read this article from our friends at Hubspot

Apart from those reasons, here's the BIGGEST reason you should focus on loving your current customers:

You can never fill a leaky bucket with enough water to make it overflow.

If you're neglecting farming your base and focusing only on hunting/prospecting for fresh faces, you'll only be replacing those who once loved you, but have since left you.

This recruit and replace strategy is fruitless and exhausting. Focus your energies on the friendliest folks in your network and they'll bring more to the party.

Trust me. They've got your back.

Here's a stat worth considering:

If you add 1 net positive customer/day at $20/mo, you're on your way to a run rate of $87,600/year in one year of efforts.

That's healthy growth. Focus on creating value and potent athlete outcomes everyday.

They'll spread the word.

Wanna know how to build a bulletproof online coaching experience for your athletes? Check out this article from our Chief Experience Officer Josh Sutchar.

2. Make the Athlete Journey Easy

Let's take a quick assessment:

Do you have a website? (yes / no)

If the answer is "no," go get one. Our buddies over at Squarespace make this cheap, fool proof, and gorgeous. Do it.

If the answer is "yes," is that website designed to make it EASY for prospective athletes to discover your online training options?

Typically, on this question, the answer for most coaches is a resounding "mmmmm not really."

On most coaches' websites, there are 51 different calls-to-action (CTAs), encouraging people to:

  • Opt-in to a newsletter
  • Sign up for a free on-ramp class in the gym
  • Check out personal training in the gym
  • Buy a t-shirt at the gym or online
  • Sign up for a meal plan
  • Read their blog
  • And somewhere...buried amongst a sea of links, buttons, and images is a tiny little request to "check out our online training"

Perform the following exercise:

Visit your site thru a new lens, as an athlete would. As a new visitor, is it totally, blatantly obvious (and upfront) that you have world class, incredible, online training available for purchase?

Let's back up even further and consider the typical online athlete journey...

Most athletes will hear about your training from one of three sources:


This is Matt.  Read his article to learn some design pro tips. You can trust him. He has a beard.
This is Matt. Read his article to learn some design pro tips. You can trust him. He has a beard.
  1. Their friends
  2. Social media
  3. Your blog or some other form of content

They'll then do what everyone in the 21st century does when they're interested and want to learn about something...

They Google it.

Boom. They're heading to your website. You got 'em on the hook.

Well not quite. If your site is hard to navigate and your calls-to-action aren't obvious and ubiquitous, they'll likely do what everyone else in the 21st century does...

They'll get distracted and bail.

Want tips on how to optimize your site for success? Read here from our lead creative Matt Slaughter on how to squeeze the most out of your site.

3. Show, Don't Tell on Instagram

Take a trip back to your third grade writing class when Ms. Grodowski pounded this maxim into your tiny, pre-pubescent skull.

Show. Don't Tell.

She was on to something and you shoulda been listening.

But here's the social spin on this old truism...

Rather than using precious social real-estate to TELL people to sign up for your ultra cool, one-of-a-kind, results-guaranteed training...SHOW them the value of this training, other athletes doing the training, and all of the results REAL athletes are getting with your guidance.

Focus on the employing the "Big Three" in your Showing efforts:

  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Entertain

Do that in every post.

Create value all the time and in all of the "content" of your posts.

This is why people are on Instagram, NOT to look at ads. If you want them to be true fans, focus your content on their needs, not on yours.

Then, only AFTER you've done that, create a consistent, simple, and easy to follow message that recurs on the BOTTOM of ALL of your posts (and partitioned by a simple line) to show them how to get involved:

PRO TIP: Write footer content on your phone's Notes app one time. Then, after you've spent time crafting the perfect IG post, copy/paste this recurring footer each time.

That's IT. Don't tag and hashtag 10,000 different things/people. They'll lose their value and you won't get your primary call to action seen.

Clutter dilutes.

4. Build SMARTER Content

Your probably already writing a kick ass blog, right? (if not...get started there)

But maybe, despite the incredible quality of your content, it's not getting discovered and you're missing out on crucial eyeballs and exposure. This has to be fixed. There's no sense in spending 5 hours penning the perfect blog post if no one is going to read it.

If this sounds like your reality, take these two courses of action:

1. Read these resources to make sure your SEO is tight

2. Write for TrainHeroic's blog (it gets 100K eyeballs/month). Manage the promotion with our marketing team and on your terms and link it directly to your products in the Marketplace. (interested in writing for TrainHeroic, click here)

Those are just 4 of the foundational elements in driving more traffic to your pages and converting more fans to customers.

Many more "pro" level tips to come soon. Stay tuned...

If you're looking to get started coaching online or want to take your coaching business to the next level click here

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