Post-Season Reset: Use These Movement Prep Exercises For Better Off-Season Gains




Think back to all of the off-season training programs you've been in charge of. In all your years of coaching, can you recall that one athlete who was on the verge of a break-out year? He was fully bought in, training hard, and seeing ridiculous gains.

You'd catch yourself day dreaming of seeing this kid in action. Through all the early morning workouts and afternoon runs, you'd remind yourself that in just a few short months, your investment of time and energy was about to pay big dividends for the team.

But early in his off-season training you made a big mistake. One that haunts you to this very day.

Anxious to squeeze every last ounce of potential out of this kid, you started his off-season program with guns blazing like Wile E. Coyote riding a rocket ship. 

And just as quickly as you heaped on loading, complexity, and volume, this kid's body rebelled with a season ended injury in the weight room.

Lesson Learned

Now, this is just a fictional story (I hope). But you get the point: you can never be too careful when getting your kids back into training after a long competitive period, or after a long lay off like summer break.

We connected with John Garrish MS, CSCS, USAW to learn how he uses a preparatory phase to get his athletes up to speed before they jump into their full off-season training program.

Coach Garrish is the Director of Athletic Development and Performance at North Broward Prepatory School and is a Regional Director for the NHSSCA

John explains the anatomical and technical adaptation phase:

"The anatomical and technical adaptation phase is a staple of our program. Last 3-5 weeks, we use this method as soon as our students come off of [their competitive] season, or come off a long period of time without training. For example, extended travel during the summer.

Although movements such as the ones shown in the video make up a greater percentage of our programming and time spent during the adaptation phase, these movements are used throughout the year in our prone movement prep and/or blitz protocol. These exercises are part of our overhead throwing athletes pre-blitz (before lift or practice) as well as our postural needs groups pre and post-blitz."

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