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Our industry is congested.

So congested that standing out and communicating your product's unique value proposition (UVP) is challenging. But, if you want to reach athletes around the world, it’s the most important (and primary) piece of attracting new members to your tribe.

We want to simplify this process of you.  

In the past we leaned on coaches and brands providing multiple assets for each of their products. Up until now; If you wanted to sell a team or program you were forced to create a “card” (otherwise known as the product’s main image) and a “cover" photo (a wide image to help supplement your product pages.

Starting today we want to get you hyper focused on creating the simplest presentation of your offering.

Going forward, each product will only require one image. We will be deprioritizing the cover photo so 100% of your energy can be poured into a singlular image asset. 

To better communicate this, let's start at the top.

Your Organization (The Brand)

Your brand (or organization) should act as an umbrella or parent to all your products.

This should be: 

  • Distinguishable

    • Find your voice, your distinct value proposition and your brand. You can’t be all things, you must hone in on what sets you apart. What are you doing this for? Why do you exist? Are you focusing on high school strength and conditioning? Competitive CrossFit? Making all the veins in someones body visible at peak times in the year? 

Tell this story and know who you are.


  • Simple

    • The tough part. Boiling this down enough to your foundation is rough. But once you get it right you’ll be able to layer and tweak when opportunity knocks.
    • Good Example: PAHQ


  • Primary

    • This is what people will associate with your brand as a whole. Use existing logos if you have them. if you don’t, make them. (See resources at the bottom).
    • Good Example: Every Organization in our Marketplace



Your Products

Your products should cover both programs and teams.

They should be:

  • Diverse

    • The more products you have the more likely you will be seen in the Marketplace. 
    • California Strength. Basic, Elite, Pro, BBWod, BBWod+, AND female specific programs.



    • Sport Specific

      • Athletes identify with their sport. They are less likely to commit to a program or team that may not be specific to their activity.
      • Try "The Ultimate Football Off-Season Speed Program"
      • Examples: PAHQ - "Field Strong" Team Subscription



    • Situation/Movement Specific

      • Being specific to a movement or exercise is great for atheltes looking to layer programming. Supplementing mobility, pre-hab work or specified skill training within a program helps them hone in on deficiencies and goals.
      • Examples: Darkhorse  - "2k Rowing" 8-week Program


    • Demographic Specific 

      • Proficiency (beginner, intermediate, advanced), age (teen, adult, masters), gender, etc. These are all groups of athletes that have unique needs. If your program answers those needs (and calls them out explicity) the buying decision becomes a no-brainer.  
      • Examples: California Strength - "Women's 63kg" Team Subscription


  • Engaging

    • Try to avoid vague and basic names. "8-week program” is as boring and whispy as North Korea's threats. Check out @SkillWOD’s "Bulletproof Gymnastics" program. That makes me want to click. 


Structure and Design:

  • Repurpose Your Logo
    • TrainFTW does a great job of leveraging their logo in each of their teams. 


  • Creating sub entities
    • PAHQ has done an excellent job of essentially rebranding each of their programs/teams with powerful iconography. Only caveat here is to append clarifying text to remind users what these icons means (initially).


  • Choose images or icons
    • We can see in the case of PAHQ and Cal Strength that either can work. But you gotta lean into one or the other and stay consistent. Try finding hyper specific images that communicate (at first glance) what the athlete is getting.
                   Make it obvious. 


Extra Credit


You don’t have to get fancy with photoshop or illustrator.Check out these cheap or free alternatives: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/the-10-best-photoshop-alternatives-you-need-know.html

Additionally, I have a very intimate relationship with Sketch app

Wrap It Up

To summarize, you don't need to spend weeks and months re-branding and coming up with the perfect assets for your products. Creating a clear parent/organization image and then repurposing that same style design language for your products is the absolute bare minimum.

Athletes need to know what they are buying. 9 times out of 10, it's done best through visuals.

If you need a design spotter or consulting for your brand feel free to hit me up at matt@trainheroic.com

For other business developement tips check out our business developement posts.

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