How To Use Team Performance Profiles To Maximize Engagement In Your Weight Room


If you care about improving athlete engagement, becoming more organized, saving time and improving your coaching practice, then you should consider using some sort of athlete and team performance profile in your strength program. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Why You Should Use Team Performance Profiles

In short, team performance profiles bring your teams training data to life in order to engage your athletes on a whole new level. They also serve as a great discussion point when talking to position coaches and individual athletes.

By regularly highlighting and rewarding their progress it communicates your commitment to their growth. They'll love the immediate feedback and will take an active role in their growth and development.

On the flip side, you'll be able to see who isn't trending the right way and quickly plan your attack to get 'em up to speed.

Either way, you know that what gets measured get managed. It's important to have a grip on what direction your program is trending, and team performance profiles are a great way to gain these insights.

What Are Team Performance Profiles?

Team performance profiles help you visualize your athletes progress over a specific period of time. 

As an example, let's say you want to see how your team as a whole is progressing in the weight room compared to your benchmarks. By creating a team performance profile, you'll be able to answer a couple questions:

  • Is this athlete/position group actually getting better in the areas that matter?
  • Do I need to make adjustments to their program?
  • Where are the areas of opportunity for this athlete/position group?
  • What's a realistic training goal to set based on their historical progress?

When it comes to actually building these profiles you have two choices: you can hack together a spreadsheet in Excel and hand it off to an intern or you can use TrainHeroic's Team Performance Profile feature. Coupled with our testing and goal setting spreadsheets, TrainHeroic makes generating these reports a snap.

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The TrainHeroic Team Performance Profiles are broken down into two sections: position groups and individual athletes.


In the Position Group Performance report, you can see:

    • a summary of each position group's performance over time
    • a benchmark leaderboard for all athletes in that position group
    • and historical testing data for all athletes in that position group


In the Individual Athlete Performance report, you can see

    • a summary of that athletes benchmark performance compared against that athletes position group
    • historical testing data for that athletes entire stay in your program
    • progress images and coach notes
    • progress on your standards of excellence

How To Use Team Performance Profiles

World renowned coach Ron McKeefery (a man with too many accolades to list!) advised us on this feature set - from initial concept all the way through the finished version that's available to you today. If it's good enough for a guy like Coach Mac, it can certainly add some immediate value into your coaching practice as well.

Once you decide how you're going to build them, it's time to get after it. Just like with everything else in your program, it's important to remember that consistency and follow through is everything.

Be deliberate in thinking through how team performance profiles can best support your goals, and once you're ready to get started, be relentless in your execution!

Here's a couple different ways you can get started using team performance profiles:

  • One on one goal setting meetings with each athlete
  • Staff meetings to review overall trends and determine how to move forward
  • Meetings with program stake holders like your athletic director, head football coach, and position coaches

Your Turn

If you're currently a customer, click here to learn how to get your profiles set up. If you're not yet a TrainHeroic customer, you can check out our Team Performance Profiles for free by clicking here

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