How To Stand Out With Personal Service and Truly Individualized Coaching [Podcast]


In a fitness industry that is overflowing with charlatans, one size fits all diet plans, and social media "fitness gurus", Jason Phillips stands apart by virtue of his commitment to personal service, accountability to his clients and truly individualized coaching. He's a true Hero in every sense of the word.

He assimilated and innovated his approach to coaching and business through his mentor and
personal friend Gary Vaynerchuk (yes - THAT Gary V).

Jason's approach to coaching is in stark contrast to what we're seeing across the fitness industry today. While most coaches are seeking ways to automate their business in order to lead the kick-back lifestyle and sip Margaritas on the beach, Jason is grinding out 30 coaching calls a day (including weekends) and is constantly barraged by text messages, requests and social media notifications from his clients.

But, despite what some business experts claim is nearly impossible in today's day and age, Jason's business is thriving in the one on one coaching model.

As he says in today's interview, "I work with a very high volume of clients, but if you ask any of them they'll tell you that they feel like they're my only client, and that's something I pride myself on."

On top of working with hundreds of clients, Jason is the co-owner of Driven Performance Labs, a nutritional consulting and supplement company.

He's worked with numerous Regional and Games competitors over the course of his career, most notably of which is Travis Mayer who is headed to Carson for his 3rd trip to the Games.

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