Program Design Principles For High School Athletes: How to Develop Explosive Speed & Agility [Video]


There's about a thousand and one ways you can plan your speed and agility training: ladders, cones, grids, build up sprints, plyometrics, etc. But how can you be sure that all the time you're investing in off-season speed and agility training is actually paying off?

Simply put - how do you know that your programming is actually driving adaptations?

Well, one way to be sure is to start with a proven plan and adjust as needed. We connected with John Welbourn, a 10-year NFL and Founder of Power Athlete. John's world, much like yours, is performance enhancement. And with thousands of coaches and young athletes around the world following the Power Athlete principles, John has a very large data set to draw from.

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And when it comes to building powerful, agile, explosive athletes, the Power Athlete principles ring true time and time again.

In today's video you will learn:

  • Why you should plan speed training totally different than you plan strength training
  • How to differentiate between a conditioning workout and a speed workout
  • How to organize your weekly training plan to emphasize strength, speed, and agility 


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