How One High School Connected 400 Athletes Under 1 Strength Program



The sport coaches at Holmen High School (WI) are all in.

The coaching staff has bought into one strength and conditioning program for their athletes regardless of sport or season because Holmen’s athletes are just that, they’re athletes.

They’ve bought in to the fact that being powerful, strong, and explosive are relevant attributes for athletes in all sports, from football to swimming.

The focus in Holmen’s weight room isn’t on what their athletes should be doing anymore, that’s a given. Instead, the focus is on execution of their strength and conditioning program. Every coach and every athlete is 100% focused and dedicated to getting better, one day at a time. 

Holmen has grown from a school of 400 students in 1994 to nearly 1,200 students and the largest school in Wisconsin’s Mississippi Valley conference as of 2016.

The school’s athletic program has thrived with the growth, and the community stands proudly behind the Vikings, but things weren’t always this way in Holmen.

The Problem: 15 Different Programs for 15 Different Teams

Holmen faced the same issue that plagues almost every high school across the country.

Not all of the coaches were on the same page and not all coaches were buying-into the same strength and conditioning program.

Here’s where that can become a problem: Like most schools across the country, Holmen’s athletes are shared between coaches. The starting quarterback for the football coach is also the star power forward for the basketball coach and the best thrower on the track team.

When the coaches aren’t on the same page, multi-sport athletes are subjected to the unique strength and conditioning program of their in-season coach. This creates a slew of problems for the athlete. At the end of a long season, an athlete is eager to begin the next season, with their next coach, and far too often that also means they start a brand new strength and conditioning program.


This left Holmen’s athletes, maybe just like yours, under-trained (or even worse, over-trained), beat up from a long season, and prone to injury from bouncing from one program to another.

“Our issues weren’t at the athlete level. Our athletes will do what we ask of them and they trust us. Our issue was getting all of our coaches on the same page” says coach Jason Lulloff.

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Coach Lulloff is the head wrestling coach, assistant varsity football coach, P.E. teacher, and runs the weight room at Holmen High School. A 4-time All American college wrestler, Lulloff knows a thing or two about strength and conditioning.

Jason was determined to find a solution to Holmen’s issues.

The Solution: One Centralized Strength and Conditioning Program

He desperately wanted to centralize the strength and conditioning program for all athletes but he needed the coaches to buy-in. Like he had done for so many years as an athlete, Jason had a goal in mind and he tirelessly went to work.

“At Holmen, we needed a program that would help everyone. Our coaches wanted a program that would maximize each of our student athletes’ athletic potential and that’s what I was determined to create.”

Jason designed a strength and conditioning program, setup results tracking via Google Docs, and even recorded movement videos so athletes could receive video instruction on proper form and mechanics. He spent countless hours putting the pieces together and he was all but ready to implement the program when he was introduced to TrainHeroic.

“TrainHeroic gives us an in-season program for in-season athletes and an off-season program for our off-season athletes. The programs are delivered to our athlete’s mobile phones so we’re entirely paperless. The videos that I was working to put together are attached to each movement in every workout and the results are tracked automatically. TrainHeroic built exactly what I was working so hard to build myself, but they did it better.”


As a Phys. Ed teacher, he quickly seized the opportunity to implement TrainHeroic with every student and every student-athlete in the school and he never looked back. As the wrestling team and football team started to get results, other coaches were quick to buy-in.

That’s when things changed, and they changed in a hurry.

“We’re getting results. We’re winning more games. When that happens, buy-in is easy and that’s what we’ve seen here. For the first time in my career, I’m seeing total buy-in by the coaching staff.”

They’ve been at it for nearly 3 years now and the change has translated into more wins for all sports.

Taking It To The Next Level

Coach Lulloff has seen the return on his investment in TrainHeroic and he’s continued to invest in the weight-room.

Today, ten iPads sit on one side of the weight room so any athlete without access to a smart-phone can access their training and track their results. Two big-screen TV’s hang in the weightroom which display the workout and leaderboards.


“With the Leaderboards in TrainHeroic, I’m able to hold athletes accountable to perform their best each day. I’m able to hold my Phys. Ed. students accountable for showing up on the leaderboards and they’re having fun with it all.”

Athletes are put first at Holmen and the unified approach has taken the program to the next level. The staff and their athletes can see and feel their hard work paying off. For some, it keeps paying off even after they’ve graduated.

“Our athletes come back in the summer and report how far ahead they are of their college teammates. They’re more prepared than they’ve ever been in the past and as the coach responsible for helping them prepare, that feels good.”

The Holmen High Recipe for Success

The recipe for Holmen’s success is simple and it’s something that any program can implement today:

  1. It starts at the top. The staff needs to buy-in to one strength and conditioning program and all coaches must hold their athletes accountable.
  2. Display daily leaderboards to drive engagement and encourage daily competition.
  3. Track data and communicate progress so athletes have objective performance analysis.

“TrainHeroic just makes my life easier.” Says Coach Lulloff.

TrainHeroic is a powerful tool but the real credit goes to Coach Lulloff, the staff at Holmen High School, and the athletes that make the sacrifice in the weight room each and every day.

An all-in-one platform like TrainHeroic can help you centralize your strength and conditioning program, ignite competition, and track data a bit easier.

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