Gym Rat Society w/ The Dark Orchestra [Past Possible Ep. 1]


Jon North is one of the fitness industry's most prolific personalities.

The C4 chuggin', barbell slammin', PR killin’ National Champion Weightlifter is best known for his over the top personality on the platform and his infamous "SHANKLE!" scream after big lifts. Jon is also co-founder of The Dark Orchestra along with nationally ranked weightlifter turned CrossFit Competitor, Jared Enderton. 

With his prolific attitude and insane antics, some people are turned off by the character that is Jon North, while others are fired up by his energy and his passion.

From today's episode of Past Possible:

"A lot of people might not like my antics... you know... they've gotta understand that I have to get that jacked up in order to lift those big weights. Because without that character I've created... the Jon North character... the weights aren't going to go up."

But despite the antics and character that Jon has created, there lies an entirely different person underneath.

Jon says, "I need structure... I need someone to guide me in the right direction. Without my wife, I would have probably quit a million times. I'm weak. I'm not a confident person. I'm extremely insecure... and that's why the character of Jon North I've created [is] so confident. He's at times cocky, and arrogant, and in your face."

So - why the title of today's episode, "Gym Rat Society"? Well, watch the episode and you'll soon find out.


We hope you love today's episode of Past Possible. If you or someone you know has a killer story that needs to be told, would you email me? We're always looking for incredible stories to tell.


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