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In a society where "everyone's a winner, no matter what" it can be tough to motivate your athletes to reach higher levels of performance. But getting your athletes motivated to train hard is one of the most effective ways to achieve results in the weight room. 

However, to get those results you need to know how to connect with your athletes on their terms.

In The Athlete Motivation Manifestoauthor Ben Crookston takeshis experience working as a teacher and coach in inner city Chicago and compiles it into 12 easy to implement methods that any coach can use to light a raging fire in the belly of their athletes.

Screenshot_2016-03-03_12.49.01.pngInside this eBook you will learn:

  • Your role as the coach when it comes to motivating your team
  • How to ignite high octane motivation across your entire program
  • The two types of motivation and how to use each
  • 12 powerful and low-cost methods to get your athletes pumped to train hard

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The Athlete Motivation Manifesto: Download Free E-Book

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