Everything You Need To Know About Building Strong and Powerful Athletes [Podcast]


30_-_Welbourn.pngJohn is a 9-year veteran of the National Football League, CEO of Power Athlete and creator of CrossFit Football.

John was drafted in the 1999 NFL Draft and then went on to be a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999-2003, appearing in 3 NFC Championship games, and for the Kansas City Chiefs from 2004-2007.

Since retiring from the NFL in 2009, John has consulted and trained athletes in the MLB, NHL, NFL, CrossFit and the Olympics. John travels the world lecturing on performance and nutrition.

In 2010, John launched Power Athlete as a resource for power and strength athletes looking for access to world-class coaches and cutting edge training practices in strength and speed. Through PAHQ, John has worked with thousands of athletes worldwide ranging from garage gym athletes all the way up to Olympic athletes.

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Colby Knepp is the man behind the Marketing at TrainHeroic. He's also a husband, father, strength coach, former rugby athlete and life-long learner. Colby is a big fan of a Moscow mules, ass-to-grass squats and Korean BBQ.