How Strength Coach Brett Bartholomew Keeps A 10-Year NFL Vet Ready For Game Day


GAME DAY! For us mere mortals, game day is a relaxing 24 hours filled with friends, laughter, buffalo wings, and hopefully a victory.

But for NFL athletes, game day represents the most important day of the week. An explosive, drama-filled couple of hours where they put their talents on display in hopes their team pulls out a victory (and they get to keep their jobs).

Much like our job performance depends on a few clearly defined metrics, a professional athlete is judged by how they perform on game day. Live up to the standard set by the coaches and they'll be coming back next week. Make a bone headed mistake and they may be looking for a new job on Monday morning.

But while the world is watching NFL Red Zone on Sunday afternoon, there's a small handful of guys who are not on an NFL roster, but are grinding away in the gym to stay in top shape in the event they get the call.

James Anderson is one of those guys.

Anderson was a 3rd round draft pick by the Carolina Panthers in 2006. He went on to play seven seasons with the Panthers before being released to save cap room, and thus started his foray into free agency. During his stay with the Panthers, Anderson had 94 appearances which is the most for a linerbacker in team history.

This year James wasn't picked up, but nonetheless he is staying on top of his training in the event that a call comes his way.

In today's episode of Beyond Strength, we get a behind the scenes showing of how Strength Coach Brett Bartholomew is handling the physical preparation for James Anderson.

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