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About The Author

Travis Jewett is a chiropractor and strength coach in Cherokee, IA nestled in the rural northwest corner of the state. He is also a member of Kelly Starrett’s MobilityWOD staff and is a member of the seminar team and taught the CrossFit Mobility seminar 50+ times. He is also a CF-L1 and StrongFirst SFG and SFL. He runs a clinic and a strength training class called The Yard (it is totally outside weather permitting). He is married with 4 wonderful children.


Recent Posts

Fail With Integrity: The Importance of Practicing Technical Precision

By Travis Jewett | Fri, Aug 19

There is an old saying that when under stress you will never rise to the occasion only fall to the level of your training, and I believe this is very true in the world of strength and conditioning. This is what makes the practice of technical precision of the lifts so important.

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