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Tim is the Head strength and Conditioning Coach at Montverde Academy in Orlando Florida. His Teams have won Numerous national and state Championships. Tim Is also Owner of TC2 Coaching LLC. Tim is Olympic Triathlon Coach. His athletes have won World Championship and National Championship titles. He has been awarded National Coach of the Year by USA Tiathlon.

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6 Tips For Training Female Athletes

By Tim Crowley | Thu, Jun 22

Developing strong, powerful, fast, and athletic female athletes can open many doors when it comes to recruiting and collegiate athletics.

Here are some of the things I have learned from coaching hundreds of female athletes on a weekly basis. I have made many mistakes, but the following tips can help you create a culture that allows female athletes to thrive.

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4 Tips For Training The Multi-Sport Athlete

By Tim Crowley | Fri, May 26

There's a huge need for educated strength and conditioning professionals more now than ever. In the last decade we’ve seen more young athletes dedicate themselves to one sport year round, and with year round competition comes increased injury risk.

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