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About The Author

Former collegiate lacrosse defensive midfielder, 4-year letter winner and 3-year team captain. Coached strength and conditioning collegiately with Georgetown University football, Men's and Women's lacrosse and Women's Crew, as well with the University of Texas at Austin's football program. Apprenticed under Raphael Ruiz of 1-FortyFour-1 studying proper implementation of science based, performance driven training systems. Head coached CrossFit Dupont's program for two years in Washington D.C. Received a Master's in Health Promotion Management from Marymount University in 2010, and has been a coach for Power Athlete since October, 2012.


Recent Posts

Still Using Excel Templates? Here's 6 Reasons to Use Strength and Conditioning Software

At Power Athlete, there’s a term we do not take very lightly - Limiting Factor: an inability or minimally effective component limiting performance and the development of athleticism.

As opposed to labeling weaknesses, the term ‘limiting’ provides coaches the opportunity to identify, measure, and improve. More importantly, this approach directs the coach to take an honest, complete look at their athlete, an honesty they’ll inevitably face in competition.

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8 Performance Tests Every Strength Coach Should Use In Their Off-Season Training

The Golden Rule of being a strength and conditioning coach is simple: Do No Harm.

Coaches have a responsibility to take athletes where they cannot take themselves through the application of training tools to prepare mentally and physically targeted for athlete’s specific goals. It is inexcusable for an athlete to get injured during training, especially on testing days.

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5 Ways You Are Over-Coaching Your Athletes And How To Fix Them

Are you making one of these five common coaching mistakes without realizing it?

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Attacking Limiting Factors: The Novice Athlete

Preparing an athlete to succeed in their sporting arena boils down to this: your training tools must transfer to the arena or you're just wasting time.  Though simple on paper, somehow this approach gets lost when a coach works with a novice athlete. 

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The Truth About Skill and Speed Resistance Training

Editors Note: Our friends over at Power Athlete HQ insisted we share this post with our audience, and it was too good not to share. It's been modified and toned down to be more appropriate for our audience.

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Observations of High School Strength Coach: Year 1

Observation is a powerful tool for a strength and conditioning coach to gain experience at any level or years in the game. Personally, simple observations have yielded countless lessons: seeing the extremes of the talent bell curve manning the clipboard under the high noon, 110 degree turf of DKR stadium, recognizing emotional investment of athletes of different years in school, ranks on the team, scholarship vs non-scholarship, and men vs women on the Hilltop. And more recently, getting reverse observed when the Ruiz would be hiding somewhere in the AXIS jungle noting how I would lead (or not-lead!) when training was scheduled to begin and he was ‘not there’.

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