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About The Author

Stu is a 15 year student of strength & conditioning and was fortunate to find CrossFit in 2006. Since then he's dedicated his life to building a fitness business simply based on the pursuit of excellence. From humble beginnings making 3 figures running workouts in a park to building a million dollar gym, he's now ventured into business consulting for gym owners looking to chase their dream. You can find his content on FB and IG @wtfgymtalk.

Recent Posts

Should Your Gym Have Membership Contracts?

By Stuart Brauer | Mon, Nov 20

This conversation (often an argument) is a classic among gym owners in the fitness industry. While there is no shortage of business topics to have passionate discussion about, the concept of requiring your customers to sign contracts vs. allowing them to have a month-to-month membership (M2M) is by far one of the most heavily debated items.

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If You're Only Focusing On Your Members, You’re Doing It Wrong

By Stuart Brauer | Wed, May 3

In my discussions with CrossFit affiliate owners, regardless of their business model or geographical location, there is a common theme we always spend a decent amount of time on: retention.

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Gym Infrastructure: We’re All Just Dogs Chasing Cars

By Stuart Brauer | Wed, Mar 22

What if I were able to bring 30 new members into your gym this week? Would that be a positive influence on your business? What would you do when you got them?

Most of you would probably trade a vital organ to see a spike in membership, but in my opinion, most of you are putting the cart before the horse. 

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Raise The Standard: 3 Impactful Ways To Turn Pro and Become a Kick Ass Coach

By Stuart Brauer | Tue, Dec 20

One of the frequent topics of discussion I have with affiliate owners is how to develop a staff of professional coaches; full or part-time employees who embody the full essence of a strength & conditioning professional, have entrepreneurial tendencies (though not wanting to be full-time entrepreneurs) and have the ability to communicate on deep levels with those who are seeking a lasting lifestyle change.

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What Makes A Better CrossFit Coach: IQ or EQ?

By Stuart Brauer | Fri, Nov 11

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” - Brian Trac

“Your EQ is more important than your IQ” - Gary Vaynerchuc

Both of these gentlemen are obvious topic experts, successful entrepreneurs and their message rings true to anyone who owns their own business. The amount of emotional intelligence you bring to the table is more important than you’re overall intellectual intelligence if you’re looking to develop a sustainable enterprise and hire/develop the best staff money can buy.

However, for our niche market - the microgym - we need to be a bit more practical in our application of these sage pieces of advice. Let’s break that down.

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Accepting Change: One Man’s Opinion on the Future of the CrossFit Gym

By Stuart Brauer | Tue, Oct 11

I’ve watched the micro gym sector of the fitness industry grow considerably since I was introduced to it over 10 years ago.  The emergence of CrossFit created the most impactful opportunity for a personal trainer looking to start their own business.  The status quo at the time was franchising a globo gym, in which the capital requirements alone alienated the average trainer from pursuing.

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Should I Hire Full Time Coaches or Part Time Coaches At My Facility? [Video]

By Stuart Brauer | Wed, Oct 5

As your facility begins to grow from a one man operation into a multi-person organization, you are going to be faced with a very important question: should I hire full time coaches or part time coaches?

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