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About The Author

Ryan is the Director of strength and conditioning at Pro Performance RX In Morgantown, West Virginia. Ryan has been working in the private sector with hundreds of youth athletes for the last 5 years. He is always excited to talk training and dig deep into the Why. Never stop learning, growing and adapting. In the great words of Bruce Lee be like water.


Recent Posts

A Call for Change: Addressing 9 Common Myths in Strength and Conditioning for Sports Coaches & Parents

By Ryan Leibreich | Mon, May 14

To start things off on the right foot, some common ground coaches and parents can all share is that we want the same thing: for each athlete to become the best they can be. Period.

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What It Takes to be a Great Strength and Conditioning Coach: Perspectives from Veteran Coaches

By Ryan Leibreich | Thu, Mar 22

Be so good they can’t ignore you! Education is just the beginning!

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A Scientific Approach To Building Strength In All Planes Of Motion

By Ryan Leibreich | Mon, Dec 4

We can no longer think and train linearly. Humans were built to move - and that means move in all directions. Sports are becoming more competitive by the day, and I do not want my athletes getting blown by and ending up on the sidelines.

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Boost Your Team Chemistry With These Weight Room Challenges

By Ryan Leibreich | Thu, Oct 5

What if there was a way to build unstoppable team chemistry while also getting your team in better shape? Challenge workouts can be effective at building team chemistry AND developing the correct energy system if you do it right. 

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4 Phase Injury Recovery Roadmap [A Coach's Guide]

By Ryan Leibreich | Tue, Sep 5

There is a moment that everything changes. All of us, at some point in our athletic careers, have dealt with injuries or a close association with one. Mine came one Thursday morning on a quiet turf field in October.

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7 Tips For Writing Better Strength Programs

By Ryan Leibreich | Fri, Jun 2

Paralysis by analysis is the root of all confusion. What exercises should I use: templates, models, block training, conjugate method, should I add in olympic weightlifting?

It happens to the best of us. We want things to be perfect and agonize over every detail. Then, before we know it, 3 hours have passed and we are more confused and somehow magically have less done than we started with.

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5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Coaching

By Ryan Leibreich | Fri, May 19

You can't rush growth. Lasting growth as a coaching is like using a slow cooker versus a deep fryer. It's slow and steady, kind of boring, but works everytime.

If you're committed enough to make it past your first few years as a coach, it's important to look back and reflect on what you've learned. If I could only go back in time and tell the younger version of my some of these tips, I'd like to think that I'd bypass years of development as a coach. 

So, for some of you brand new strength coaches out there, here are five things I wish I knew when I started coaching.

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How To Zercher Squat: One Exercise To Rule Them All

By Ryan Leibreich | Fri, Feb 17

We all want that golden ticket. The one-size-fits-all exercise and perfect program. You know - the one that makes us look like the Hulk as long as we follow that program to the T.

Well folks, that all sounds great. But in reality, we know there is no one-size-fits-all exercise, program, food, or supplement... PERIOD.

However, I have a secret weapon exercise that will get us really close; it has a lot of bang for its buck. It builds massive quads, big glutes, a wide back, and some awesome biceps. Exactly what every athlete needs.

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Practical Programming For Young Athletes - What You Didn't Learn In School

By Ryan Leibreich | Thu, Dec 1

Imagine this: you just finished four years of college and just landed your first job training young athletes. Getting prepped for your first day you spent hours toiling over the perfect program; the sets, reps and timing all line up and your excel document looks like it was done my Michelangelo himself.

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