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About The Author

Rob Wilson comes from an eclectic background of modern manual therapy approaches and strength and conditioning. Rob prides himself on being obsessed with constantly trying, researching, and implementing best practices that will help his clients actualize their innate potential. Robert is the head coach of Prepare2Perform in the TrainHeroic marketplace.

Recent Posts

Stuck in Pull Up Purgatory? Here's How To Go From Zero to Hero

By Robert Wilson | Tue, Feb 7

Imagine this; youre out on a nice hike with your significant other.  Strolling along, enjoying the day nothing seems out of the ordinary.  The birds are chirping, skies are blue, and all is well, until you happen upon a clearing in the forest where a pack of wolves hovers over a freshly killed fawn.

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The Downfall of Gumby: What Is Hypermobility And How Do I Fix It?

By Robert Wilson | Thu, Aug 25

Everyone these days is on and on about mobility.  As they should be: having full range of motion and healthy soft tissues is an important component of performance and most people are missing critical ranges of motion that contribute to loss of performance and long term dysfunction.

But increasing range of motion is only part of the picture.  

On the other end of the spectrum we have hypermobility.  Literally, too much range of motion.

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