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About The Author

Born in Santa Monica, Logan feels right at home coaching at DEUCE Gym. With a background in collegiate (University of San Diego) and professional (San Diego Padres) baseball, Logan is used to high performance, heavy workloads, and accountability. Forever a “student of the game,” Logan is always looking to strengthen and question his understanding of human movement and nutrition. In addition, he currently travels the world coaching the CrossFit Strongman Seminar.


Recent Posts

Competitive CrossFit Is Leaving One Major Weakness In Your Fitness - Learn How to Fix It Here

By Logan Gelbrich | Tue, Nov 1

With the growing pedigree of the CrossFit Games, there’s a prevailing notion that preparation for such a competition is much more a hard science than an art. Each year we see blog posts, analytical data regarding previous event structures, and guesswork regarding the prevalence of certain movements over others.

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2 Defining Characteristics of Great CrossFit Coaches

By Logan Gelbrich | Tue, May 31

There’s a growing trend for a certain occupation in fitness these days and it’s coaching CrossFit. Like any sector, excellence not only pays the bills but it creates more value both for the coach and those around the coach.  Simply doing the job isn’t enough, either. We need to learn from great coaches, we need to be great coaches, and we need to develop great coaches.

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Strongman Competitors + General Population...It's Time to Shake Hands

By Logan Gelbrich | Fri, Aug 21

It’s not the only one, but there’s a sport out there filled with athletes who pour decades of time, money, and effort into becoming great with little to no recognition. It’s a world, at least at the highest level, with world-class capacity and no credit for it. It’s a world of unsung heroes putting in big league work and performances often without sponsorships, fans, or a paycheck. It’s called strongman, and though this isn’t a pity party for the community of strongman competitors out there, it is a time for a break through.

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